Kids Floor Beds

Imagine a sleep space that embodies both comfort and safety, inviting your child into a world of restful dreams and joyful exploration. Enter the concept of Montessori floor beds for kids, a revolutionary approach to sleeping arrangements that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds.

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What's a Floor Bed all about?


At the heart of the floor bed concept is the idea of providing children with a sleeping environment that not only ensures their physical comfort but also nurtures their sense of independence and curiosity. These beds, positioned lower to the ground, create a secure haven where your child can peacefully drift off to sleep and wake up with a smile. Make bedtime your kid’s favourite part of the day - and give them sweet dreams - by investing in a floor bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of floor bed?

It can be a daunting experience, moving from a cot with protective bars to a big bed where you could easily just roll off.

My Happy Helpers has some kid beds which make the transition fun and safe. Floor beds create a safe and snug sleep spot for kids. With their softness and clever setup, they make a comfy space where children can relax. Placed low to the ground, they stop worrying about falling.

Where safety and comfort combine

Comfort takes centre stage with our kids' floor beds. Designed with the utmost care, our kids floor beds offer a touch of luxury that makes bedtime a delightful experience for your little one. 

Safety is equally paramount in the design of these beds. By eliminating the height of traditional bed frames and crib railings, floor beds reduce the risk of falls and provide an accessible sleep surface that kids can navigate with ease. Worried about your child's transition from crib to bed? Floor beds offer a seamless shift without compromising on their sense of security.

A Montessori bed prioritises your child’s growth

Floor beds seamlessly embrace the Montessori philosophy of nurturing independent and confident learners.

Yes, a 2-year-old can sleep on a floor bed. Floor beds have gained popularity as an alternative sleeping arrangement for young children. They offer a safe and developmentally appropriate sleeping space that promotes independence and freedom of movement. Many parents have found success in introducing floor beds to their toddlers.

Are floor beds safe for children?

Yes, floor beds can be safe for children when properly set up and used in an appropriate manner. Just keep in mind that the area should be child-proofed by ensuring the sleeping area is free from loose bedding, pillows and stuffed animals.

What age can a child start sleeping in a bed on the floor?

A child can generally start sleeping in a floor bed when they have reached the developmental milestones that make it safe for them to do so. Typically, floor beds are considered suitable for toddlers and older children who have gained certain physical skills and awareness.

Most experts recommend introducing a floor bed when a child is around 1 to 2 years old, as this is the age when many children begin to develop the ability to roll over, crawl, and sit up independently. These motor skills are important for their safety and comfort while sleeping on a floor bed.

These beds align perfectly with the Montessori approach by offering children the freedom to explore their sleeping environment with ease. These beds act as a gentle transition from cribs to regular beds, aligning with the Montessori philosophy's focus on gradual progression.

Placed at a low height, floor beds empower children to take charge of their sleep routine, as they can climb in and out independently. This cultivates a sense of self-reliance and decision-making from a young age. The absence of crib rails provides a safe yet unrestricted space for children to move, enhancing their physical development and motor skills. Through floor beds, your child can establish a genuine connection to their surroundings, fostering a deep sense of belonging and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kids Floor Beds

Can a 2 year old sleep on a floor bed?

Frequently Asked Questions about Kids Floor Beds

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