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My First Monti Floor Bed- Varnished Birch

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Introducing My First Monti Floor Bed: Unleash the Magic of Montessori Sleep

Embark on a journey of tranquility with My First Monti Floor Bed, where dreams and imagination meet. Designed with a minimalist touch, this floor bed crafts a serene and peaceful sleeping space for your child. It's the perfect canvas to spark their creativity and curiosity, igniting a love for Montessori-inspired sleep.

A Bed of Security and Comfort: Dream Soundly, Sleep Safely: Transitioning from a cot to a big bed is a breeze with the Aspire Floor Bed. Your child will drift into dreamland feeling safe and secure on this sturdy and durable bed. Rest easy as they slumber, knowing they are cocooned in a comforting sleep sanctuary.

Versatility for Years to Come: A Bed that Grows with Your Child: Versatility meets longevity with the Monti Floor Bed. Flip it over, and it transforms into a taller bed, adapting effortlessly to your child's growth. This investment in comfort and beauty is designed to last, accompanying your child throughout their journey of discovery.

Begin Their Montessori Journey Today: Where Dreams Take Flight: Start your child's Montessori journey on the right foot with My First Monti Floor Bed. It provides a secure and cozy sleeping space, allowing them to embrace the wonder of Montessori sleep. Order your Aspire Floor Bed today and watch as dreams unfold on this magical starting point for their Montessori adventure!

The mattress in the image is 25cm thick. We recommend a mattress around 12-18cm for Monti Babes first starting out, ensuring they are much lower to the ground. 


  • Premium Materials: Constructed with premium European A Grade Birch Plywood and independently tested to comply with the most stringent European, Australian and US Chemical tests.  You can be confident our products do not contain harmful levels of heavy metal and are not made with inferior materials such as paper overlay or MDF. 

  • Safety First: We have attached all the relevant and necessary safety guidance here. Please read before purchase.  

  • It is important for infants to have space to right themselves after rolling off the bed. For children under 18 months, do not place our floor beds closer than 30cm away from the wall.

  •  Adhering to this guidance will either prevent a child from getting stuck or give them enough room to right themselves.

  •  Longevity of use with multi use design 

  • Designed in Australia
  • Weight Limit of 100kgs. Solid Slats to raise the mattress off the floor and b enough to withstand your little ones jumping with delight !! 
  • Fast, easy assembly
  • The ideal position for this bed is with the head against a wall. The sides have a wide entry point that goes along the entire side of the bed. Mobile infants and toddlers will be able to climb in and out of bed safely in order to engage with their surroundings. This gives them the autonomy to play when they want to and put themselves to bed when they grow tired.
  • Finished with a water based, non toxic paint. 
  • Solid Slats to raise the mattress off the floor and b enough to withstand your little ones jumping with delight !!

Our customers have found the following tips helpful in making their children's rooms safe and conducive to sleep with the Floor Bed

  • Keep the bedroom furniture minimal and securely fasten all furniture and fixings to a wall.
  • Use a pillow, play mat, or folded blanket beside the bed to cushion the fall.
  • Remove distracting toys
  • Use appropriate window coverings - ensure window coverings and cords do not pose a risk of strangulation
  • Use a baby monitor with a video


  • This is a Single Size Bed Frame. Suitable for a mattress size 91cm x 190cm
  • A-Grade European Birch Plywood
  • The mattress in the image is 25cm thick. We recommend a mattress around 12-14cm for Monti Babes first starting out, ensuring they are much lower to the ground. 
  • Mattress, Sheet Sets and Quilt Covers Sold Separately


  • Overall Bed Dimensions : 197cm (L) x 95cm (W) x 30 cm (H) 
  • Height to Slat Base (Floor Bed Side) : 13cm

  •  Height to Slat Base (Traditional Bed Side) : 24cm



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