Wooden Doll Houses

My Happy Helpers range of dollhouses, prams and wooden carts are designed to invoke creativity, motor skills and responsibility in your little ones. They are a great starter for kids who want to expand their imaginations while wooden prams and carts can help in mimicking practical life activities such as caring for a baby or sibling.  Little boys and girls alike will love taking their favourite teddies and dolls everywhere with them in one of our beautifully designed prams and carts.

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What are the benefits of wooden doll houses?

Our wooden doll houses are perfect for pretend play as well as role-playing. Painted with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards, they are premium quality and durable. Kids will love their generous sizes and how they can let their favourite toys traverse their wooden doll houses. Wooden doll houses are as traditional as they get — in fact, some of the earliest dollhouses were found in the Egyptian tombs of the Old Kingdom and were constructed more than five thousand years ago! Featuring wooden furnishings, boats, livestock and pets, dollhouses were almost certainly used for religious purposes in Ancient Egypt. Since then, wooden doll houses have transformed into a hobby for adults and imaginary play opportunities for little ones, filling miniature houses with families, furniture, decorative art, and sometimes even tiny utensils and items for the dolls to use. Shop wooden doll houses online with My Happy Helpers! We offer fast and affordable shipping as well as free shipping on orders over $199

Where to buy the best wooden Doll Houses?

Our range of luxe, wooden doll houses and accessories offer so much opportunity for playtime fun! Browse our range of some of the best dollhouses in Australia today to find your perfect doll house buy, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the products or their delivery. We are always ready to assist and would love to hear from you!

Adorable characters to live in your child’s magical dollhouse

A dollhouse wouldn’t be a dollhouse without little people wandering around the place! Alongside our dollhouses, we also have cute little characters to make your child’s imagination come to life. Your child can flex their imaginative muscles and make up their own mind about who’s home and what’s happening in the dollhouse. To grow your little one’s dollhouse family, we have the Dovetail Nursery Set featuring a tiny wooden baby, a pram, a cot, a high chair and a bowl for the baby to eat from. Just add our adorable Grandparents set with bendy arms and legs to take care of the baby when mum or dad goes to work! For many households, a furry friend is part of the family. With this in mind, we stock a Pet Cat Set with a climbing tower, food bowels and two cats . Your child can give their cats names and make sure they’re fed every day, or let them wander around in the dollhouse garden. If cats aren’t your child’s thing, we also have a Pet Rabbit & Guinea Sets with a mini hutch, a water bottle, a carrot and a turnip.

Where to buy wooden dollhouses in Australia?

My Happy Helpers is the home of wooden doll houses in Australia! Along with a huge range of designs, our dollhouses are also made from the finest, safest materials available on the market. Smooth, sturdy, all-natural, and built to last, you’ll love your child’s wooden dollhouse as much as they do. Our range of luxe wooden doll houses and accessories offers so many opportunities for playtime fun! Browse through our collection of dollhouses and contact us with any questions you have about our products and their delivery. We offer free shipping on orders over $199 and flexible payment methods like Afterpay.

What are some products similar to wooden dollhouses?