Climbing Cubes

There are not many things kids love more than climbing and hiding around play equipment. However, whether it be due to weather or time constraints, it’s not always easy to take them to a playground as regularly as they’d like.

Luckily, you can buy a play cube (or ten) right here at My Happy Helpers. Our childrens’ climbing equipment range from Pikler features items that kids can easily enjoy within their own home. Bid farewell to boredom by checking out our range of climbing cubes today.


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Why buy Pikler climbing cubes?


There are many advantages to buying a Pikler climbing cube for your youngsters. No matter your child’s age, they can benefit from improving their strength and balance by using the equipment.

Plus, If you’re hoping to develop your little one’s fine motor skills, Pikler climbing play equipment allows them to grip and grasp items like ramps and rock walls. Improving a child’s dexterity not only helps them out when climbing but also makes it easier for them to hold a pencil or pen correctly once they’re in school.

It’s safe to say that Pikler are among the best in the business of wooden play equipment since their range is made of only the highest quality materials. Plus, all of their products come varnished with child-friendly, non-toxic lacquer, so they’re ready to play with as soon as they arrive at your door.

What are the different types of Pikler climbing cubes?

You can build your little adventurer their very own jungle gym with Pikler’s wide variety of climbing cubes. Your kids will feel like they’re climbing a mountain when using a Pikler rock wall or scramble net, which are as safe as they are exciting.

Alternatively, we also stock Pikler slides and ramps, which can be used for climbing up and down or as a balance beam between two items. If you’re in the market for a more traditional play cube, you can’t go past Pikler’s crawl boxes that serve as a perfect hiding spot or cubby space. As if that wasn’t enough, we also sell complete Pikler sets that will keep your kiddo busy for hours. 


What are the benefits of kids playing on climbing cubes?

Along with physical benefits like improving fine and gross motor skills, there are also several intellectual benefits to cube climbing. Using climbing equipment allows children to strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as develop their sense of independence.

On top of that, climbing play equipment encourages both logical and creative thinking. On the one hand, your child will need to figure out how to best move their body to get up or across the equipment. On the other, they can use their imagination to utilise the equipment as part of their pretend play.


Things to consider when buying Pikler climbing cubes

One of the key things to consider when buying Pikler climbing cubes is your child’s age. Although many of Pikler’s products are suitable for a wide range of kids, factoring in your child’s developmental stage helps you determine which items are best for them.

Another thing worth noting is the spacial limitations of your home or backyard, so you don’t end up with children’s climbing equipment that takes up too much room.