Make cupcakes, pancakes and more with our baking sets for kids!

Raise your own mini Master Chef with our inspired range of childrens baking sets , aprons, pots, pans and dough cutters.  Next time your little one asks to 'help', encourage them to get involved. 

Is it good for kids to help in the kitchen?

Encouraging your children to help in the kitchen teaches them practical life skills and significatly reduces the risk of danger posed by exploration and curiosity as they secretly try to copy you anyway.

Helping to prepare family meals is an excellent way to teach your little - and big kids - what it means to work as a cohesive unit.

These baking and cooking kits can give your little chefs a chance to get their hands involved in a ready to go recipe, using real child size utensils and when they’re finished they can even eat what they created.

Real use Child Size cooking sets can be a lot of fun not only for Toddlers and Children, but fun for the whole family.


Does Pretend Play Cooking encourage Toddlers to try more foods?

Did you know, that children who are involved in the cooking process are significantly more likely to become children who taste, sample and eat a variety of foods. Involving children in the process of cooking — whether it’s the use of a Learning Tower, or a Pretend Wooden Vegetable Crate or a Pretend Felt salad - having your child participate in the kitchen greatly increases the chance that they’ll actually try the finished dish. But cultivating a welcoming and open-minded approach to food, you can encourage your toddlers to also become more open minded to new tastes, cultures and attitudes.

How to encourage fussy eaters

Inviting children into the kitchen and getting them involved from a very young age, fosters a habit that will go on to have a life time of benefits. It also presents an incredible opportunity to open the ’healthy eating’ and ‘healthy options’ discussions.

For example, while preparing a fish dish, you can use the time to explain to your little one how the fatty acids found in Fish Oils can help make them smarter, or how ‘eating the rainbow’ ensures they get an ample supply of vitamins and minerals to ensure they continue to grow big and strong.