Kids Toy Baking Sets

Make cupcakes, pancakes and more with our baking sets for kids!

Raise your own mini Master Chef with our inspired range of childrens baking sets apronspots, pans and dough cutters.  Next time your little one asks to 'help', encourage them to get involved. 

Say hello to your family’s new Masterchef and step aside as your child takes the reigns of baking, food preparation and gourmet cuisine – at least, in their imagination! My Happy Helpers offers some of the best junior baking sets in Australia, featuring all sorts of kids cooking equipment, cooking utensils, chef sets and baking sets.

Whether you’re looking for kids kitchen accessories, aprons or wooden food sets, there’s bound to be something for your child at My Happy Helpers. With a range of products offered at a range of prices, shop through affordable toys or our exclusive, comprehensive toy collections.

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Share the joy and magic of baking with your little one with one of our premium kids cooking sets

These baking and cooking kits can give your little chefs a chance to get their hands involved in a ready to go recipe, using real child size utensils and when they’re finished they can even eat what they created.

Real use Child Size cooking sets can be a lot of fun not only for Toddlers and Children, but fun for the whole family.

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Is it good for kids to help in the kitchen?

Encouraging your children to help in the kitchen teaches them practical life skills and significantly reduces the risk of danger posed by exploration and curiosity as they secretly try to copy you anyway.

Helping to prepare family meals is an excellent way to teach your little - and big kids - what it means to work as a cohesive unit.

These baking and cooking kits can give your little chefs a chance to get their hands involved in a ready to go recipe, using real child size utensils and when they’re finished they can even eat what they created.

Real use Child Size cooking sets can be a lot of fun not only for Toddlers and Children, but fun for the whole family.

Does Pretend Play Cooking encourage Toddlers to try more foods?

Did you know, that children who are involved in the cooking process are significantly more likely to become children who taste, sample and eat a variety of foods. 


Involving children in the process of cooking — whether it’s the use of a Learning Tower, or a Pretend Wooden Vegetable Crate or a Pretend Felt salad - having your child participate in the kitchen greatly increases the chance that they’ll actually try the finished dish.

But cultivating a welcoming and open-minded approach to food, you can encourage your toddlers to also become more open minded to new tastes, cultures and attitudes.

How to encourage fussy eaters

Inviting children into the kitchen and getting them involved from a very young age, fosters a habit that will go on to have a life time of benefits. It also presents an incredible opportunity to open the ’healthy eating’ and ‘healthy options’ discussions.

For example, while preparing a fish dish, you can use the time to explain to your little one how the fatty acids found in Fish Oils can help make them smarter, or how ‘eating the rainbow’ ensures they get an ample supply of vitamins and minerals to ensure they continue to grow big and strong.

Why buy Kids Baking Sets?

For many of us, some of our fondest childhood memories were created in the kitchen. From learning to crack eggs to licking the bowl, from mixing dough to decorating pizzas, there are endless ways we can bond with our little ones in the kitchen and recreate some of those treasured memories from our childhoods.

With the help of our high-quality kids cooking sets you can create new memories as you cook, mix, flip, mash, whisk, stir and bake together. Set your child up on their Learning Tower and watch them learn new skills as they help in the kitchen. Our kids baking sets aren’t just toys — they come with real, usable kitchen utensils your kids can use to genuinely contribute in the kitchen.

From real wooden chopping boards and child-safe kitchen knives to stainless steel children’s cooking sets, your kids can try their hand at baking and cooking using miniature versions of the real grown-up things at a scale that suits their stature and capabilities.

Kids’ cooking sets are a great way to introduce your child to food preparation and appreciation. From a very young age, kids will take an interest in the kitchen, primarily because that’s likely to be where their parents and carers are!

Buying children’s cooking sets will allow you to nurture that interest, and will encourage your kids to lend a hand come dinner time. It will also teach your child basic skills in terms of following rules, methods and procedures, which you can help them with in a fun, accessible way.

By using implements which are designed for their size, your children will feel capable and ready to help out.

What sort of Kids Cooking Kits can I buy?

How many famous chefs credit their love of cooking to a grandmother or parent who fostered their love of baking and cooking from an early age? With our kids cooking sets you can encourage the same passion for food and baking and help them to experiment, learn and grow.

Teaching children to love cooking from an early age is also a great way to get them interested in new foods and to start learning about nutrition. It’s never too early to start teaching your little ones practical cooking skills and the more involved they are the more likely they’ll be to enjoy cooking when they’re older.

Learning to cook and bake provides a range of benefits far beyond the practical skills involved. Your little one will learn patience as they wait for their cake to rise, they’ll learn gentleness and care as they learn to safely crack eggs, they’ll learn cooperation as they carefully hold the measuring jug while you pour, they’ll learn to try again when things don’t work the first time and they’ll learn confidence when their baking and cooking is a success. All these skills can be taught in the kitchen as you play, laugh and bake together.

Will a Children's Cooking Set encourage my child's interest in new foods and Flavours?

Involving your young child in the food planning, preparation and cooking process is a great way to get them to try new things. Allowing them to assist you in the kitchen and making them feel like an important part of the food preparation process will not only help them learn about new foods but teach them some new skills and confidence, all while making precious memories together.


A miniature kids cooking set like the Stainless Steel Cooking Playset from Kaper Kidz has everything your child needs to cook along with you in the kitchen. This set contains 13 child-sized replicas of the real things including pots and pans, whisk, wooden spoon, oven mitts, measuring spoons and more.

Children who help in the kitchen are known to be more willing to try new foods as they’re often eager to taste the fruits of their labours after creating something with a beloved parent or grandparent. When a child sees something go from eggs, flour and milk into an edible masterpiece they’ll feel proud of themselves and be eager to try their creation!

Our cooking toys for kids will help your little chef learn about cooking through play

Foster imaginative play with beautiful wooden cooking toys. For kitchen play on the go, the Baking Playset in Tin Suitcase by Kaper Kidz is a great choice. Complete with a whisk, rolling pin, spatula and cookie cutters this cute set packs into a retro tin carry case.


Playing with pretend kitchen utensils and food will help your child engage in imaginative play and spark their creativity as they invent their own unique concoctions in their imaginary kitchen. Soon they’ll be serving up whimsical dishes in their very own cafe, ordering around imaginary kitchen hands and waiting patiently for their cookies to bake.

Set your food-loving little one up with their very own Baking Set from New Classic Toys. This set is available in a range of colours and features an adjustable mixer complete with a rotating whisk and all the ingredients for making cookies.

Kitchen toys can help your child practice and remember the lessons learned in the real kitchen with you as they recreate the recipes you’ve tried together. Watch as they combine ingredients and add a sprinkle of their own imagination to create unique treats of their very own.

A kids baking set is the perfect gift for toddlers and children who love to help in the kitchen

Do you have a little one in your life who loves getting involved in the kitchen? Our kids baking sets and cooking toys for kids will help nurture their love of cooking. Whether you want to give your kitchen helper practical kitchen utensils they can use to make real dishes or want to encourage imaginative cooking with a beautiful wooden baking set you’ll find the perfect gift set for your kitchen-loving kids among our collection.


At My Happy Helpers, it’s our dream to empower all parents to provide their children with the very best start in life. We are 100% Australian owned and operated and every item we stock passes rigorous independent testing and adheres to Australia Safety Standards so you can rest assured you’re providing your child with the best possible toys, games, learning tools, furniture and more when you choose My Happy Helpers.

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Are Cooking sets expensive?

Our kids’ cooking and baking sets are quite affordable, with the option of more extensive cooking equipment and chef sets available for higher prices.

Buy this adorable kid’s chef set, featuring an apron, mittens, a chef hat and a small rolling pin for just $29.95. Along with that, you can get a young chef’s baking kit, which will allow them to prepare a dough mixture of their own, perfect for cupcakes. This baking set comes in at just $49.95, too.

More comprehensive designs, like this Honeybake Mixer Set, cost a little more at $64.95, although the fun you’ll have together in the kitchen will make that totally worth it!


What are the different types of kids cooking sets?

You can shop for all sorts of wooden, stainless steel and plastic kids cooking sets at My Happy Helpers.

Some are focused on baking, like this Baking Playset in a Tin Suitcase, while others are ideal for general-purpose cooking, such as this Stainless Steel Cooking Playset.

Perhaps you’re just looking for accessories or cooking clothes, in which case, take a look at our collection of kids aprons and kids kitchen accessories.