Kids Baking Sets

We offer some of the best kids baking sets, featuring kids cooking equipment, cooking utensils, chef sets and baking sets. Explore our range below.

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Share the joy of baking with your little one!

These baking and cooking kits can give your little chefs a chance to get their hands involved in a ready to go recipe, using real child size utensils and when they’re finished they can even eat what they created. Real use Child Size cooking sets can be a lot of fun not only for Toddlers and Children, but fun for the whole family.

Raise your own mini Master Chef with our inspired range of childrens baking sets 

Next time your little one asks to 'help', encourage them to get involved. 

For many of us, some of our fondest childhood memories were created in the kitchen. From learning to crack eggs to licking the bowl, from mixing dough to decorating pizzas, there are endless ways we can bond with our little ones in the kitchen and recreate some of those treasured memories from our childhoods.

With the help of our high-quality kids cooking sets you can create new memories as you cook, mix, flip, mash, whisk, stir and bake together. Set your child up on their Learning Tower and watch them learn new skills as they help in the kitchen. Our kids baking sets aren’t just toys — they come with real, usable kitchen utensils your kids can use to genuinely contribute in the kitchen.

From real wooden chopping boards and child-safe kitchen knives to stainless steel children’s cooking sets, your kids can try their hand at baking and cooking using miniature versions of the real grown-up things at a scale that suits their stature and capabilities.

Will a Children's Cooking Set encourage my child's interest in new foods and flavours?

Involving your little one in food planning, preparation and cooking processes is a great way to get them to try new things.

Allowing them to assist you in the kitchen and making them feel like an important part of the food preparation process will not only help them learn about new foods but teach them some new skills and confidence, all while making precious memories together.

A kids cooking set like the Stainless Steel Cooking Playset has everything your child needs to cook along side you in the kitchen. This set contains 13 child-sized replicas of the real things including pots and pans, whisk, wooden spoon, oven mitts, measuring spoons and more.

Children who help in the kitchen are known to be more willing to try new foods as they’re often eager to taste the fruits of their labours after creating something with a beloved parent or grandparent. When a child sees something go from eggs, flour and milk into an edible masterpiece they’ll feel proud of themselves and be eager to try their creation!

A baking set is the perfect gift for toddlers and who love to help in the kitchen.

Do you have a little one in your life who loves getting involved in the kitchen?

Our kids baking sets and cooking toys for kids will help nurture their love of cooking. Whether you want to give your Mini Master Chef practical kitchen utensils they can use to make real dishes or want to encourage imaginative cooking with a beautiful wooden baking set you’ll find the perfect gift set for your kitchen-loving kids among our collection.

How to introduce my kids to cooking?

Kids’ cooking sets are a great way to introduce your child to food preparation and appreciation.

From a very young age, kids will take an interest in the kitchen, primarily because that’s likely to be where their parents and carers are!

Buying children’s cooking sets will allow you to nurture that interest, and will encourage your kids to lend a hand come dinner time. It will also teach your child basic skills in terms of following rules, methods and procedures, which you can help them with in a fun, accessible way.

By using implements which are designed for their size, your children will feel capable and ready to help out.