Tender Leaf Toys

Tender Leaf Toys

Meet your child’s next obsession. Tender Leaf toys are designed with love, crafted from sustainable rubberwood, and perfect for little hands.

Let their imaginations run wild with animal families, cottages and sailboats, puzzles and blocks, and much more! These award-winning toys are unique, timeless, and educational – made to weather years of love and play. Shop My Happy Helpers’ range of Tender Leaf toys today, and bring their dreams to life!

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Why buy Tender Leaf toys?

There are so many reasons to buy Tender Leaf toys. Each toy has been thoughtfully designed, hand-painted, assembled, and tested to ensure that your child can create exciting imaginative worlds for years to come. All purchases are guilt-free, thanks to Tender Leaf’s commitment to environmental protection: for every reclaimed tree it uses, they plant a new one. Even their packaging is eco-friendly.

Tender Leaf toys combine a muted colour palette with clean lines and natural materials to offer children a simple yet engaging way to play. Let them dream and grow at their own pace.

Are Tender Leaf toys expensive?

As a general rule, wooden toys tend to be more affordable than their plastic counterparts. This is because they lack the flashing-lights, bells and whistles that a growing portion of plastic toys have.

However, wooden toys are more versatile and open-ended, environmentally-friendly, safe, and inspiring. You can purchase a Tender Leaf toy from as little as a cup of coffee – like this wooden Brontosaurus ($6.95) – or you can splurge and get your kiddo the gift of their dreams – consider the Mini Chef Home Kitchen ($239.95) or the Cosmic Rocket Set ($94.95).


What are the different types of Tender Leaf toys?

Tender Leaf toys offers a variety of different toys to suit your child’s unique interests. For imaginative play, there are dollhouses, animal sets, and baskets of grocery items, while educational toys like this weather station and this monster lock box can help your child learn and retain valuable information.

When you’re out and about, there are toys that encourage active play, like ride-on vehicles and wheelbarrows. There’s even a line of furniture that includes storage units, desks, stools, chairs, and steps.