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Kids Slides

The best place to shop for Indoor Wooden Slides for Toddlers and Kids! 

My Happy Helpers Kids Indoor Wooden Slides for kids promoting balance and coordination, along with physical and mental stimulation.


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Children’s slides are more than just a favourite playground attraction

Toddler Slides are also fun tools that assist with the little ones’ healthy skill development, both social and motor.

Aside from building valuable coordination skills (such as climbing to and balancing oneself at the top of the slide), toddler slides are amazing communication-friendly tools. 

We pride ourselves on providing families with safe and long-lasting wooden indoor slides for kids for endless hours of play and fun. Indoor wooden climbing toys for toddlers are the perfect activity to keep your toddlers entertained and learning new kinetic skills.

What age is a Kids Indoor Wooden Slide suitable from ?

Designed for toddlers from 18 months, these Kids Indoor Slide and Play Slides will promote movement and coordination in our littlest babes.

Suitable for use until age 5-6 (40kg weight limit) these slides are ideal for every playroom, inside and out! 

Slides only allow one child at a time, which encourages children to learn to be respectful and patient while playing! They’ll need to take turns, and eventually say “please” and “thank you” to siblings or playmates who let them use the slide first.

What’s more, a child’s flexibility and muscle strength are stimulated when climbing up the steps and using their little legs and arms to reach the top. Even wrapping their fingers around the handles for support promotes stronger hand muscles.

When going down a kids play slide, children need to think fast: for example, when should their feet touch the ground so they won’t land the wrong way?

Even if it takes a few rounds, this toy slide will sharpen your child's spatial contextual awareness, teaching them just how far they are from the ground and when to use their legs for support.

The Benefits of Wooden Slides

Whether you are after an indoor wooden slide, a kid’s wooden slide or one of the many wooden toys we have available, there is a reason they are well-loved favourites of children. As well as seeming to last forever, wooden toys are sustainable and easily break down in landfill.

When selecting children’s toys, the best ones to purchase are appropriate for their age and capabilities, and ones that you can afford. There is no need to over-spend; just read what the toys are made of and inspect them regularly for loose parts or sharp edges to ensure the continuous safety of your child.

Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

If well-cared for, our wooden indoor slides will last well beyond your child's toddler years.

Our Children's Slides are so long-lasting, they can be passed on to someone else when your child grows up! Our slides are reliable, durable, and tested to ensure your child's enjoyment is enhanced and safety is a priority.  Rest assured that with some simple assembly, your wooden slide will be ready for use.

If your toddler is 18 months until 5 years old, our wooden slides will be their new favourite pastime. Our Play Slides aren’t too high as to need constant adult supervision, yet they aren’t too low, providing just the right amount of challenge and fun for your babies.

Can we use our Wooden Kids Slides outdoors ?

While our indoor wooden slides aren’t suitable for extended outdoor use, you may take them out of the house every now and again if your kids wish. You should only avoid taking them out when the weather is damp or rainy, and wait until safe and drier weather conditions settle.

Our slides are smooth to the touch and even smoother for sliding, easy to move around, and designed for utmost child safety. The grip handles are spacious and easy on the tiniest and most sensitive of hands.

Our indoor wooden slides were designed to look great and modern in any colour scheme and any room, whether that’s your toddler’s bedroom, a living room, a playroom, or an outer space. They come in light grey and neutral, light wood colours.  

While our slides are created with ultimate safety in mind, our goal is to keep all parents carefree as their children have the time of their lives.

Buy Wooden Toddler Slides from our experienced team

Our company is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, and we love to help families have fun. If you would like to learn more about a particular kid’s indoor wooden slide, or about our warranties, deliveries and returns, get in touch.

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