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Wooden & Indoor Slides

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The Best Place for Indoor Wooden Slides for Toddlers and Kids! 

My Happy Helpers Indoor Wooden Slides for kids promoting balance and coordination, along with physical and mental stimulation. Designed for toddlers from 18 months, these Kids Indoor Slide and Play Slides will promote movement and coordination in our littlest babes. Suitable for use until age 5-6 (40kg weight limit) these slides are ideal for every playroom, inside and out! 

We pride ourselves on providing families with safe and long-lasting wooden indoor slides for kids for endless hours of play and fun. Indoor wooden climbing toys for toddlers are the perfect activity to keep your toddlers entertained and learning new kinetic skills.

My Happy Helpers independently tests our Kids Toy Slides for lead particles to ensure your little one has no contact with harmful chemicals, and our designs all comply with Australian safety standards so you don’t have to worry and can focus on making memories.

The Benefits of Wooden Slides

Whether you are after an indoor wooden slide, a kid’s wooden slide or one of the many wooden toys we have available, there is a reason they are well-loved favourites of children. As well as seeming to last forever, wooden toys are sustainable and easily break down in landfill.

When selecting children’s toys, the best ones to purchase are appropriate for their age and capabilities, and ones that you can afford. There is no need to over-spend; just read what the toys are made of and inspect them regularly for loose parts or sharp edges to ensure the continuous safety of your child.


Children’s slides are more than just a favourite playground attraction

Toddler Slides are also fun tools that assist with the little ones’ healthy skill development, both social and motor.

Aside from building valuable coordination skills... Read More