Wooden Rainbow Toys & Stackers

Why are Wooden Rainbow Toys so popular?

There’s nothing quite like a rainbow to brighten your day, and our wooden rainbow toys are no exception. Not only are the colours likely to stimulate and delight children of all ages, but our toys also help them to discover fundamentals like shape, texture and patterns.

From rainbow stacking blocks to wooden rainbow boxes and dolls, you’ll light up your child’s life by choosing to buy rainbow toys from My Happy Helpers. So, why wait to add a little colour to your toy box? Shop our extensive collection online today.


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Fun, educational wooden rainbow toys that will brighten your child's day

Explore our beautiful range of Wooden Rainbow Toys and Rainbow Building Blocks. From Rainbow Stackers and Blocks, to Wooden Rainbow Balls, our range is large and comprehensive.

Shop our range of wooden rainbow blocks & toys

These vibrant wooden rainbow toys will grow with your child and remain a favourite for many years. Designed with your little one’s creativity, safety and learning in mind you will be amazed by the magic that these wooden rainbow toys ignites.

From ages 1-2 years your little ones can explore the colour, shape and texture. You can also use the colors to help build your toddler vocabulary and understanding of basic color groups. 

Between 3-4 years you'll notice your little ones creative play increases as he/she substitutes the wooden rainbow toy blocks for other objects and toys. You'll also notice he/she develops simple pattern making and has the ability to start stacking.

The opportunities for older children and adults are endless and more sophisticated. Through building one’s imagination, symmetry and balancing, both fine and gross motor skills are challenged.  As an Adult, it can develop a deep sense of satisfaction to complete a 'stack' and we recommend children and Adults alike enjoy our Rainbow Building Toys. 

What age should I buy a Wooden Rainbow for my Child ?

With no set age limits, our Rainbow Toys can be enjoyed by Children young and old. Children can stack and place the wooden rainbow arches & blocks in many ways. And the wooden rainbow gives children endless possibilities to build whatever they like, limited only by their imagination and their creativity.

Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

Why buy a wooden rainbow for kids?

A beautiful rainbow is appealing to a child of any age, and the same goes for a wooden rainbow toy. Our high-quality range of toys is durable enough to last as your child develops from infancy, and can be enjoyed throughout several stages of development.

As babies, children can learn about shapes and colour, while toddlers can enjoy the benefits of improving their vocabulary by naming the colours in the rainbow. Once they’re a little bit older, our toys can be incorporated into a large variety of games, from pattern making, to stacking and imaginative play.


Is a wooden rainbow expensive/how much does a wooden rainbow cost?

Most of the rainbow toys available via My Happy Helpers are entirely affordable. Our most budget-friendly wooden rainbow products include this set of 12 colourful balls ($19.95), as well as this chic people of the city rainbow doll set ($29.95).

Meanwhile, you can splash out a little more on this impressive rainbow monolith block set ($249.95) or this 10 piece giant rainbow set ($179.95).


What are the different types of wooden rainbow?

Wooden rainbow boys are more versatile than you may initially realise. Not only are they available in the form of stacking blocks or boxes, but they also can be found in more unusual shapes, like this gorgeous set of rainbow flowers.

If you’re aiming to encourage your child to enjoy construction play, then look no further than this 12 piece set of rainbow blocks.