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Have more fun in the great outdoors with our wooden Outdoor Toys

Outdoor play is a vital part of early childhood development. Over and above the benefits of playing outside in fresh air and not being restricted to indoor play, it provides a learning opportunity around every corner. This is made even better by having the correct educational kids’ toys for little ones to interact with.

To make the most of this multi-sensory environment, My Happy Helpers offer an assortment of outdoor educational toys suited for every age milestone and preference. Whether you have a keen little climber ready to take on a Pikler triangle or a busy little bee ready to zip around on a balance bike, you are sure to find a perfect outdoor play solution.

If your little one loves to do a bit of “gardening” or simply enjoy playing with sand and water, you will find the perfect tools to help them make the most of playing and discovering in nature. And of course, allowing them to get messy – it is all part of the fun!

Our range of outdoor toys also allows the opportunity for little ones to enjoy their favourite indoor activities during outdoor play too. Whether it is walk the dog with a colourful Yoyo or doing a letter puzzle, they can play and learn anywhere!

Perhaps one of the best perks of outdoor play is instilling a sense of independence in your little one. Even though mom and dad are keeping an eye, they will learn to play by themselves and build their problem-solving skills.

So, let your little explorer enjoy fun in the sun their way!

Our range of Outdoor Toys