Outdoor Toys for Kids

Have more fun in the great outdoors with our Outdoor Toys

Whether rain or shine, there’s nothing better than an outdoor adventure! Playing outside gives children the opportunity to explore, connect with nature, and test their sensory and physical capabilities.

But it’s not all fun and games. Outdoor play also has important health benefits – from reducing your child’s risk of developing short-sightedness to boosting their vitamin D levels to attuning their sleeping rhythm. Whether it’s a trip to the local park or a day at the beach, you can encourage your child to engage in outdoor play with outdoor toys and accessories.

Play a game of mini golf or tennis, learn about animals and the environment with an activity set, and keep a look-out for enemy troops with a set of binoculars. Shop My Happy Helpers’s outdoor toy collection today, and choose your adventure!

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Outdoor play is a vital part of early childhood development. Over and above the benefits of playing outside in fresh air and not being restricted to indoor play, it provides a learning opportunity around every corner. This is made even better by having the correct educational kids’ toys for little ones to interact with.

Why buy outdoor toys for kids for kids?

Outdoor toys are one of the best ways to encourage your child to engage with nature, be active, and enjoy time outside. So put those screens away and get out into the open air!

It’s hard to be outside without feeling a sense of freedom. For kids, there’s so much extra space to do the things that kids love to do – run, climb, cartwheel, swing, skip.

Studies have shown that children who engage in outdoor play are more physically coordinated and perform better in endurance tests. There’s also evidence to show that nature can have a mood-enhancing effect on children, resulting in a reduced risk of developing hyperactivity and other behavioural problems.

Providing your child with outdoor toys is an ideal way to nurture their interest in the great outdoors. So throw them a ball, an adventure bucket, or a foldable flyer - then sit back and let nature take its course.

Are outdoor toys for kids expensive?

Outdoor toys are varied; so are their price tags. My Happy Helpers stocks kids’ play equipment for every budget – from scoops and spades as low as $4.95 to luxury playhouses and climbing frames over $100.

One of the best things about outdoor play is that the star attraction – the natural world – is always changing, providing endless opportunities for children to use their outdoor toys in new and exciting ways.


What are the different types of outdoor toys for kids?

For daisy-pickers and thrill-seekers alike, there’s a huge range of outdoor toys.

Beach babies will have hours of fun with this sand play set and tide pool set, mini explorers can satisfy their curiosity with bug viewers and binoculars, and little gardeners will be spoilt for choice with so many accessories to choose from, like this wheelbarrow set and this ladybug flower press.

We also offer hats, umbrellas, and elbow/knee pads to keep your little one safe and protected in any environment.

Where can I buy Outdoor Toys

You can grab yourself a wide range of Outdoor Toys from our website.

You can also visit our outlet at 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.