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Bauspiel Blocks are beautiful open ended resources designed in Germany.

Designed in Germany, these beautifully crafted designer toys are made using European Timber, including Beech, Alder and Linden woods. Their beautiful wooden blocks - with or without their signature inset "gems" or windows - are a favourite amongst small children looking to create castles, towers, colourful towns, and more.


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Bauspiel Lucite Cubes/100pc


Bauspiel Lucite Cubes/20pc


Bauspiel Castle Set


Bauspiel Large Rainbow - 7pc


Bauspiel Window Shapes - 36pc


Bauspiel Tiles/52pc


Bauspiel 4 Houses/8pc


Bauspiel Fairy Colour Windows


Bauspiel Colourful Wooden Tray Set - 6pcs


Bauspiel Grid Blocks - Natural 12pcs


Bauspiel Dragon's Lair


Bauspiel X-Shapes - 48pc


Bauspiel Stepped Colour Blocks/100pc


Bauspiel Mirror Blocks - 12pc


Bauspiel Little People


Bauspiel Fairytale Tower Set - 75pc


Bauspiel Coloured Rods


Bauspiel Colour Street - 45pc


Bauspiel Grids - 12pc


Bauspiel Corner Blocks - 50pc


Bauspiel Giant Rainbow - 10pc


Birthday Wreath - 8pc


Windows - 25pc


The Bauspiel Blocks are ideal for both play and or educational purposes and spark a wild imagination.

The various geometrical shapes of the Bauspiel range encourage your little ones to learn playfully whilst they construct, build and stack. Whilst open-ended, the entire Bauspiel range is still designed to complement other products in the range, thus further encouraging imagination, curiosity and creativity.

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