Bauspiel Blocks are beautiful open ended resources designed in Germany.

Designed in Germany, these beautifully crafted designer toys are made using European Timber. These beautiful wooden blocks - with or without their signature inset windows are a firm favourite amongst small children looking to re-create small world scenes, knights castles, fairy towns and more.


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The Bauspiel Blocks are ideal for both play and or educational purposes and spark a wild imagination.

The various geometrical shapes of the Bauspiel range encourage your little ones to learn playfully whilst they construct, build and stack. Whilst open-ended, the entire Bauspiel range is still designed to complement other products in the range, thus further encouraging imagination, curiosity and creativity.

Where can I buy Bauspiel Toys ?

You can buy any of the Bauspiel Range right here at My Happy Helpers. You can shop our wide range of sparkling gem blocks  or rainbows and grab yourself a wide range of bauspiel little people.

You can also visit our outlet at 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm excluding Public Holidays.

Why buy Bauspiel Toys ?

Bauspiel Blocks can be used for Educational Play, Opened Ended Play or Small World Play. The opportunities are simply endless !

The geometrical shapes used in construction of the Bauspiel Range aims to introduce your little ones to the concept of build and construction through playtime. 


Through use of bright stimulating colour, the Bauspiel range engages your little ones and piques their curiosity.

Are Bauspiel Toys Expensive in Australia ?

Wooden Toys in general appear to cost more than their plastic cousins, but the value you get from Bauspiel wooden toys far exceeds the rest.

Hand made with expert craftsmanship, the Bauspiel Range feels solid in your hand and have a timeless quality about them.

Wooden blocks are also great for the environment. You can replant trees and always make more without an adverse reaction to Mother Nature.

What are the different type of Bauspiel Toys ?

The Bauspiel range consists of Fairy Castles and Knights Lairs, Gem Blocks and Dragons Caves. Imaginations come alive with the beautiful hand crafted range from Bauspiel.