Waldorf Toys / Steiner Resources

With this is mind, My Happy Helpers have designed and curated a range of toys inspired by the Waldorf teachings, and have a range of Steiner/Waldorf toys for sale. Embracing the hands-on, multi-sensory activities of the philosophies is what makes the Steiner-Waldorf toys so great for children. Each child can learn and engage at their own pace in a way that makes them feel comfortable.  

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Experience the difference with our Steiner - Waldorf toys 

At My Happy Helpers, we strive to make it easier for you as a parent to reach these goals. Our Steiner inspired play range takes the complexity out of the environment and simply encourages you to play, create and discover the beautiful world as your child sees it. Let us help you create a magical, interactive and supportive home environment that allows and encourages your child to become the very best versions of themselves. 

What are waldorf resources and steiner inspired toys

Waldorf resources and Steiner-inspired toys are educational tools and playthings based on the principles of Waldorf education, which was developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century. Waldorf education emphasizes holistic development, creativity, and imagination, and seeks to cultivate a deep understanding of the natural world. Waldorf resources include a wide range of materials, such as books, art supplies, musical instruments, and natural materials like wood, silk, and wool. These resources are carefully selected to encourage open-ended, imaginative play and to stimulate the senses.

Steiner-inspired toys are designed to support children's development in a holistic way. They are typically made from natural materials and feature simple, open-ended designs that allow children to use their imaginations and creativity. Examples of Steiner-inspired toys include wooden blocks, dolls, and play kitchens, as well as art supplies like beeswax crayons and watercolor paints. Waldorf resources and Steiner-inspired toys are often used in Waldorf schools and kindergartens, but they can also be used at home by parents who are interested in fostering their child's creativity and imagination. While they may be more expensive than mass-produced toys, Waldorf resources and Steiner-inspired toys are often seen as a worthwhile investment in a child's development.