Wooden Stacking Toys

Classic, simple and elegant, wooden stacking toys are a great addition to any toy collection. Not only are they a lot of fun, stacking toys help your child to learn skills they will use down the track at school, such as counting and shapes. Whether you’re looking for stacking rings, baby stacking blocks, or natural wood stacking toys, there’s something on offer for you at My Happy Helpers. From natural wood stacking toys and baby stacking rings to rainbow stacking toys, there is so much fun to be had for your little ones as they engage with these stacking playsets!

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What are the benefits of wooden stacking toys?

Stacking toys encourage your baby to learn about balanceInfants lack dexterity and fine motor skills and they tend to use their entire hands to explore. They explore their toys by holding, releasing, stacking and placing objects. This means that larger, chunky shapes are just the right size for little ones to grasp. Sitting up while playing with Wooden Stacking Rings encourages your baby to stabilise their core muscles as they move about and use their minds and bodies to focus on the activity at hand. 

What designs do our baby stacking toys come in?

For many little ones, the concept of stacking an object from big to small is first introduced with baby stacking toys. This why My Happy Helpers offers a wide variety of baby stacking rings, stacking stones and nesting bowls to choose from. Whether your preference is for Natural Tones, Earthy Tones or Bright Primary Colours, we have them all. Our rainbow stacking toys are perfect for toddlers too and will provide so much enjoyment as each colour piece is slipped into another to form a beautiful rainbow kaleidoscope of colour. Our flame stackers are gorgeous wooden stacking toys too and together with our rainbow stacking toys they can double up as beautiful décor for a playroom or nursery.

How to enhance play with the use of balancing and wooden stacking toys.

When it comes to baby stacking toys and wooden stacking toys for slightly older toddlers, our range offer fun options that mums and dads can consider that add a little educational play into their little ones’ daily routines. From natural wood stacking toys such as our popular natural balancing people and natural wood balancing puzzles to cheerful wooden stacking dolphin and Unicorn Balancing Toys, there is a whole lot of educational play just waiting to be explored! Our wooden stacking train toys offer a bit of 2-in-1 fun too as they transform into cool automobiles that can be stacked and play with just like regular car toys! Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

Why buy wooden stacking toys for kids?

Wooden stacking toys are one of the best ways for your child to learn the basic principles of shapes and geometry.Through hours of trial and error, your child will begin to understand how different patterns are created through different-sized rings. Stacking toys also offer one of the earliest opportunities for your child to build something all on their own, and see the results of their actions in front of them. 

How much do wooden stacking toys cost?

Some of our wooden stacking toys are quite affordable, while others are more expensive. At the cheaper end of our range are small wooden stacking toy. Montessori-inspired Sorting Rings, for instance, are just $22.95, while these Natural Wooden Gems, are $33.95. Our larger, more colourful wooden stacking boxes are more expensive, like the Rainbow Nesting Box and the Wooden Rainbow Starter Pack, which you can take home for a little over $100. Prices reflect the sophistication of the design and the amount of time your child will be able to spend entertaining themselves!

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