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Wooden Doll Prams

Your child can learn to care for others with our cute Wooden Toy Dolls Prams!

Wooden toy doll prams have become an increasingly popular gift for infants and toddlers.

Little kids love pushing their new dolls around in a toy pram. While some toy prams are made out of plastic, the real value comes in wooden toy prams which maintain that classic, beautiful, old-fashioned look and feel.


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Kinderfeets Walker Pram Rose


Walker Pram White


Doll Buggy - Pink & White

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Moonlight Pram Baby Doll Carriage




Petworth Pram


Loxhill Pram


Honeybake Doll High Chair




Petworth Cradle (with bedding)


Kinderfeets Cargo Walker - Slate Blue


Kinderfeets Cargo Walker - White

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Petworth High Chair

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Hearts Rocking Cot


Jute Doll Cradle


Sea Grass Doll Carrier


Wooden Baby Doll Prams are the perfect gift for your child and the dolls she loves so much!


Does this sound familiar?


  • Your daughter spends hours playing with her dolls including tea time, house and role playing different adventures
  • She insists on bringing them everywhere she goes including family members houses, the doctor's office and the supermarket.
  • When you go for a walk in the park, your child has multiple dolls that have to make the trip as well
  • You want to give your child high-quality, safe toys to play with and create positive, lasting memories
  • You know they would love their wooden toy doll pram to push around and take care of their beloved doll collection.



These are a few of the many reasons we have poured our time, energy, and resources into creating a series of wooden toy prams that your children will love to play with for years to come.

We are confident that our wooden toy prams are of the highest quality and can stand the test of time as well as the rigorous experience that is playtime with a toddler!

What is a Baby Doll Pram?

As a new or expecting mother, you begin to think about the memories you will make playing with your child.

Naturally, you think about the toys you will buy them and how these toys will help your child grow and develop.

Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

Some toy doll prams are made of plastic and tend to be generic and less  visually appealing.  Your child deserves a high-quality toy pram that they can proudly show off to friends, family, or strangers at the park. Our wooden prams are handcrafted with precision, passion, and care. They look beautiful and will match the gorgeous dolls and toys your children play with.   

Why buy a wooden toy dolls pram from My Happy Helpers?

Our wooden doll prams are made by skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work.

They are also created to help your child develop socially as well as have fun during playtime. Some of our wooden toy doll prams include pegs for infants who are just learning to walk.


Once your child can walk on their own, you can remove the pegs and allow them to walk freely pushing their beautiful wooden pram wherever their heart desires!

Think about all the fun that can be had with a wooden toy pram!

The best thing about our wooden baby doll prams is that they can be used on all types of occasions. There is no denying you will get your money’s worth when purchasing a toy pram!


Activities Such As…

  • Playing around the house
  • Walking around the block
  • Strolling through the park
  • Having fun in the backyard
  • Browsing the aisles in the supermarket


Our hand-crafted wooden doll prams are sure to create amazing lasting memories and keep a smile on your child’s face for years to come!

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