Kids Wooden Toy Kitchens

Our Toy Kitchens will create a master chef extraordinaire

Cooking is a creative art. Teaching kids how to cook safely, can open up a whole world of creativity and tastiness. My Happy Helpers has a kid’s kitchen to suit anyone with Michelin Star aspirations.

The tiniest of sous chefs can start with a mini chef home kitchen. When they’ve grown up a little, they can switch into a Modern Kitchenette, in either blue or pink.

We also have some kids baking kits, with some cookie cutters and muffin tins, kitchen utensils and more.

My Happy Helpers also sells a range of child-safe knives so they can actually help you in the kitchen to make yummy treats.

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Our wooden toy kitchen range features beautiful toddler Kitchen Sets, Kids baking kits and Kids safety knives designed for real use.

These mini Kitchen sets are ideal for pretend Kitchen play. Encourage your little ones with our thoughtfully designed Kitchen Sets and Accessories and watch their imagination boil over with delight !

Why buy Toy Kitchen Sets for kids?

There is a rise in popularity in home cooking. Reality TV shows, home-delivered meal kits you can shop and prepare yourself. It is a food revolution and why not get your kids excited about food from a young age. Grandma and grandson, in the kitchen, making cakes together? Can you jsut see it?


Cooking toys for kids can have them understand what it is like in a kitchen, the utensils and tools that are used, such as this wonderful Chef’s Cooking Set. Now Nonna can ask for a wisk, and your child will know exactly where it is and what it is!

You can also have your children dressing the part of cook extraordinaire with an apron set. They’ll feel like they belong in the kitchen with their own clothes, their own tools, and their own recipes

How much do Toy Kitchen Sets cost?

If you’ve browsed our online store here, you can see that the price for a kids kitchen can be quite steep. Although you can get a kids Wooden BBQ for less than $80.

However, that toy kitchen set is going to be the centrepiece of many hours of imaginative play. You will be served many dishes of imaginary soup or vegetables. Your kids will bond with friends over this playset. The many hours of imaginative play will be well worth the investment you make.

This could be the start of your child’s journey to Vue De Monde!

What are the different types of Toy Kitchen Sets?

There are many toy kitchen sets to choose from, one for every budding cook out there. Start with a shopping trolley to use at your Honeybee Wooden Market Stall.

You can cook your ingredients on the Wooden BBQ, or perhaps roast a chicken in a bright red Diner Kitchenette.

You can make a fruit salad, chopping up and mixing the fruit in your Cafe Bon Appetit kid’s wooden kitchen.

There are so many hours of culinary joy to be had in your child’s imagination. Browse, shop, and surprise your littlest home chef today, thanks to My Happy Helpers.