Wooden Toys For 1 Year Olds

Shop Australia's best range of wooden toys for your One Year Old Toddler

1-year-old children are a wonder, aren’t they? They’re learning gross motor skills and using their big muscles to move their whole body around, rolling, crawling, sometimes even walking.

My Happy Helpers has big and beautiful toys for one-year-old kids to help with their gripping and handling, bright colours to wow their minds, and sound and movement to engage their senses. 


You can introduce your young ones to the joys of music. They can hold and shake a tambourine, play with the Piti Plui Shaker, bang out a tune on a xylophone as well.

Browse our full range of toys for your one-year-old, order online or drop into our warehouse in Dandenong South.

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Shop our extensive range of wooden toys for 1 year olds ! 

Why Buy Toys for 1 year olds?

Children learn by play, especially during their developmental years. 1 year old’s are grasping things, learning how things feel in their hands, sometimes in their mouths.


They are engaging their gross motor skills and using their big muscle groups, while at the same time, fine motor skills are beginning to develop.

Toys allow our children to grab and grasp, and shake them, like our maracas, stack them like the animal jigsaws, or just have something fun and colourful to grab and hold.

Have your children experience new sights and sounds, new tactile experiences and learn about the world around them.

Are toys for 1-year-olds expensive?

How much does the education of a child cost? How much do you invest to give your kids the best exposure to life and learning and exploration? To begin to understand shapes and colours, how to interact with the world with these crazy new muscle groups they’re learning to use?

Nesting eggs for $12.95, bath toys for $39.95, racing cars for $12.95. You can grab our chunky train puzzle for less than $10.

Discovering that bright spark in your child’s eyes when they understand something new, thanks to one of our toys for 1-year-olds, is priceless.

What are the different types of toys for 1-year-olds?

We have some wonderful toys for your one-year-old. Wooden unicorns on wheels, so pretty and fun to vroom around inside your home. Give the sensation of rain, with this mini-rainmaker toy with colour and movement.


Your child can understand movement and other motor functions with a wooden small activity cube, can stack and build colourful toys from a range of shapes and sizes.

If they’re close to walking and need a little bit of support, we have some baby walkers full of blocks, or with an activity board included.

Feed their curious minds and give them fun, education, stimulation and more, with some exciting wooden toys for one-year-olds, full of colour shape and sound.