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My Happy Helpers

Pikler Scramble Net - Varnished

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Unleash Adventure with the Pikler Scramble Net: Ignite Your Toddler's Imagination and Skills

Discover Endless Thrills with the Montessori-Inspired Pikler Scramble Net

Introducing the ultimate playtime companion for your active toddler - the Pikler Scramble Net. As parents, we understand the importance of nurturing your little one's development while keeping them engaged and energized. Our scramble net is more than just a play product; it's a gateway to a world of exploration and growth.

Foster Skills, Unleash Energy: The Perfect Blend: Is your child bursting with energy? The Pikler Scramble Net is here to channel that exuberance into productive play. Designed to cater to the curious minds and active bodies of toddlers, this versatile net is a powerhouse for developing both gross and fine motor skills. Say goodbye to excess energy woes as your child engages with the scramble net's thrilling challenges.

The Montessori Magic: Where Play and Learning Converge: Embrace the essence of Montessori philosophy through the Pikler Scramble Net. Prepare to be amazed as your little one embarks on a journey of self-discovery while navigating this delightful net. Problem-solving skills flourish, and confidence soars as they conquer each climb. With the Pikler Scramble Net, playtime evolves into a meaningful learning experience.

Adventure Awaits: The Pikler Scramble Net and Beyond: Imagine a world where play knows no bounds. Our Pikler Scramble Net is just the beginning of an awe-inspiring adventure playground. Combine it with other Pikler products to create a haven of excitement for your child. From climbing frames to slides, ramps to ladders, and play cubes to scramble nets - the options are as limitless as your child's imagination.

Unwrap, Unfold, Unleash: Instant Fun, Minimal Effort: We know that convenience matters. Our Pikler Scramble Net arrives fully assembled, ready to be embraced by your little one's boundless spirit. As they climb, balance, and explore, they'll be refining their motor skills and discovering the joy of conquering challenges. Whether it's ascending heights or weaving through an obstacle course, the Pikler Scramble Net transforms playtime into a captivating adventure.

Empower Curiosity: Self-Guided Playtime Beckons: Elevate your child's playtime to a realm of self-guided adventure. Encourage their innate curiosity as they interact with the Pikler Scramble Net and its companions. With every climb and every discovery, they'll be growing not just in strength, but also in self-assurance. Let the Pikler Scramble Net be their steadfast companion in the pursuit of boundless exploration.

Your Adventure Starts Now: Discover the Pikler Scramble Net: Embark on a journey of laughter, learning, and limitless fun. Explore our remarkable range of Pikler accessories, each crafted to elevate playtime to new heights. Start with the Pikler Scramble Net and unlock a world of possibilities for your toddler. As they conquer challenges, scale heights, and fuel their imagination, you'll witness their growth in ways beyond measure.

Ready to ignite your child's adventurous spirit? Choose the Pikler Scramble Net and embark on a voyage of play that knows no bounds.

Designed to be used with most of our Pikler Climbing Frames.


  • Premium Solid Birch Wood
  • Varnished finish to ensure longevity and protection
  • Recommended to be used with MyHappyHelpers Piklers
  • Not designed to be used outside of Piklers and Cubes
  • To use side by side as seen in the last 2 images, please review this product listing. 
  • Designed to be used by ONE child at a time
  • Meets Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124:1, 8123:2, 8124:3
  • For Domestic Indoor Use Only

Crafted for Safety and Durability with Premium Natural Fiber Rope

Kindly be aware that our scramble net features a natural fiber cord elegantly wrapped around the internal rope. As a result, you might observe occasional loose or stray fibers. It's essential to note that these fibers do not compromise the scramble net's functionality, strength, or safety in any manner. Rest assured, this occurrence is not indicative of a defect. Your little one's playtime remains secure and delightful.


The Scramble Net should only ever be used between Piklers. It should not be used on its own flat on the floor, or against other structures it does not suitably hook over. 



Size: 48 x 121cm x 8cm

Recommended Age: 18+ Months

  • Adult supervision required at all times 
  • Does not fit Bambino Unvarnished Pikler



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brooke Steel
Still haven’t received it

2 days out from Christmas and more than a month since I placed my order I still haven’t got anything. Called the courier multiple times, they are no help and happy helpers won’t replace the order until the couriers mark as lost, which they won’t do. So I’m stuck without a Christmas present for my daughter. Considering the cost of the items this is not acceptable.

Belinda Light
Pikler is fantastic

I have bought a couple of items from the Pikler range for my 2 year old grandson. The items are great quality for that reason value for money. He loves these and the way you can vary the set up to give him endless play options. Quick delivery and great customer service.

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