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Wooden Toy Car Garages

Shop Australia's best Range of Wooden Toy Garages for Kids 

If your child loves playing with with Cars then there's no better toy than a classic multi level garage or car park ! Whether it's the Le Grande garage or our Portable Car Park Set, you can rest assured your little driving enthusiast will find exactly what they're after, right here at My Happy Helpers. 


Browse Australia's best range of Kids Toy Garages



Toy Vehicles

Portable Car Park Set


Imaginative Play

Le Grande Garage


City Road
Sold Out

Educational Play

City Road


Toy Vehicles

Park and Go Garage


Car Mat
Sold Out

Imaginative Play

Car Mat


Toy Vehicles

Solid Wooden Service Station


Imaginative Play

Fire Station


Toy Vehicles

Happy Architect Raceway w/ cars


Parking Garage
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Toy Vehicles

Parking Garage


Toy Vehicles

Blue Bird Service Station


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Why buy wooden toy garages for kids?

One of the coolest toys growing up was having toy cars. Have you seen our awesome collection of wooden toy cars? When you’re playing you need a garage to keep all your cars. Keep them safe from the weather, and all those bad guys trying to steal them and go on epic car chases around your city.

Wooden car garages become the focus of play and creativity for kids. It is the base of operations where stories often begin. This is the epicentre of their creativity.

Where to buy wooden toy garages?

You can browse our online store and pick up a portable car park set, or drop into our warehouse, 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.


How much do wooden toy garages cost?

The portable car park set starts you off at $59.95, and the Le Grande Garage is $159.95. However, the TIME that will be invested in playing, laughing, enjoying those toys, will surely be a wonderful return on investment.

You’re also buying quality. Someone has built these toys with their bare hands, with love, and it shows in the quality of the product.

What are the different types of wooden toy garages?

As we mentioned above, you can have the portable car park, which carries your wooden cars with it when you travel, or you can have the Le Grande Garage, fitting more toy cars in there.

If you’re racing at one of our wooden race tracks, then the Raceway Garage, with the bright red and white chequered design is what you’ll need.

The Park and Go garage for your inner-city playset can hold many toy cars.

Chose the best garage for your toy collection, for your imagination.

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