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Construction Vehicles Toys

Shop our Construction Vehicle Toy Favourites for Hours of Imaginative Play!

We have every construction and earthmoving vehicle your little ones could ever desire ! Whether your earth moving child is into Diggers, cranes, trucks, cement mixers or bulldozers you'll find it right here.


Shop our Construction Toy Vehicle Favourites

Stacking Bulldozer


Stacking Fire Engine


Stacking Tractor


Construction Vehicles

Sold Out

Wooden Traffic Signs 20pc


Construction Truck With Road Tape

Sold Out

Kids Wooden Cargo Truck QToys


Wooden Crane Truck


Wooden Crane


Road Vehicles


Goki Nature Dump Truck


Goki Nature Cement Mixer


Natural Timber Steam Roller


Wooden Tractor With Logs - Fergus


Wooden Traffic Signs


Construction Vehicles Set (6 Pcs)




Build-A-Road Roller

Sold Out

Sort N' Tip Garbage Truck


Wooden Recycle Truck


Wooden Tractor - Green/Red


Wooden Cement Truck


Wooden Dump Truck


Forklift Truck - Nature


Recycling Truck


Railway Bucket Builder Set


Dumper Truck


Crossing & Crane Set


Crane Lift


Wooden Toy Army Tank - Walter


Wooden Semi Trailer Truck - Indiana


Wooden Tractor With Trailer - Ellie


Garbage Truck


Garbage Truck - Nature


Wooden Tractor - Rick


Wooden Tipping Truck - Ruby


Wooden Fire Truck - Welles


Wooden Tractor With Trailer - Betty


Large Wooden Forklift - Howard


Large Wooden Bulldozer - Neron


City And Service Vehicles


Wooden Tractor


Tractor, Goki Nature


Wheel Loader - Nature

Sold Out

Wooden Tipping Truck - Vincent


John Deere Tough Tractor


John Deere Tractor with Wagon


Tractor (Die-cast Hood)


Our Construction Vehicle Toys are loved by little boys and girls Australia wide ! 

Left to their own devices, no matter the gender, most kids love heavy construction toy equipment simply because they’re big and loud, and these massive Diggers and Dump Trucks seem almost fantasy like to them.

Watch as your little ones delight on Rubbish Day pick up by rolling their Toy Garbage truck around the house and mimicking the Garbage Truck rumbling through the neighbourhood! 


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