Construction Vehicle & Car Toys

Shop our Construction Vehicle Toy Favourites for Hours of Imaginative Play!

It’s so much fun building things, getting into the sandpit and using construction vehicles to build big sandcastles, roadways and all that cool stuff.

We have some stacking block toys to make into a digger or bulldozer. There are some colourful wooden toy trucks and construction vehicles as well. Hardy wooden cranes, dump trucks, cement mixers, all you need for building a tower, construction road crews to build a highway or a house in the sandpit.

How about building the tallest building you can with our wooden blocks? You’ll need our forklift and big rig to carry everything.

Lots of creative and engineering fun to be had with My Happy Helpers and these great construction toys.

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Our Construction Vehicle Toys are loved by little boys and girls Australia wide ! 

Left to their own devices, no matter the gender, most kids love heavy construction toy equipment simply because they’re big and loud, and these massive Diggers and Dump Trucks seem almost fantasy like to them.

Watch as your little ones delight on Rubbish Day pick up by rolling their Toy Garbage truck around the house and mimicking the Garbage Truck rumbling through the neighbourhood! 

We have every construction and earthmoving vehicle your little ones could ever desire ! Whether your earth moving child is into Diggers, cranes, trucks, cement mixers or bulldozers you'll find it right here.

Why buy Construction Vehicle Toys for kids?

Building something, going through the construction process and making something, is a joy. And it can be fun to crash it all down and start again.


These are active toys, kinetic toys, where you can move and build, use them to make something. Get the kids excited about the construction industry, or the recycling industry, all through play.

Driving tractors and big rigs, using cranes and forklift trucks, are all highly skilled jobs. Learning about them at a young age can fire the spark of ambition in a young child’s mind.

Are Construction Vehicle Toys expensive?

For the hours and hours of playtime, you’ll get from our wooden construction toys, the money you put in will be well worth it. Your kids can be driving a wooden tractor around the bedroom floor for less than $10.


You can have them driving some big John Deere toys for less than $20.

You are purchasing quality when you’re picking up one of our hand-crafted wooden construction vehicles. They’re made with love and care and with little hands in mind, to grab and hold and to push and drive and play with for years to come.

What are the different types of Construction Vehicles?

We have a range of Goki trucks, a cement mixer or a cool little dump truck. To build that road you’ll need a digger and a road roller, of course.



Your hands can get a hold of a range of tractors, or a recycling truck, a dump truck, and even a forklift to play within your imaginary warehouse.


Shop our huge range of construction and building toys, emergency trucks, and other accessories. Click and order online, or drop into our Dandenong South warehouse when you can.

Where can I buy Construction Vehicles for Kids ?