Space Toys

Explore our collection of kids' space toys, designed to captivate young minds. From rocket ships to astronaut figurines, each toy inspires imaginative space exploration, fostering an early love for astronomy and science in a playful and educational manner.

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Discover a world of possibility with space toys for kids


Embark on a cosmic adventure with My Happy Helpers' space toys. Our carefully curated collection invites children to explore the wonders of stars, planets, and galaxies. Whether your little one is fascinated by space facts, enjoys building scenarios, or loves solving puzzles, our space toys offer an educational, fun, and magical experience for enriching playtimes. Discover the perfect space toys to spark curiosity and creativity today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover a world of possibility with space toys for kids My Happy Helpers’ range of space toys for kids includes fun interactive toys that will keep little ones engaged for hours of playtime fun.

Playdough stamps, honeycomb activity sets and eco cutter sets will bring out your childrens’ creative sides, while flashcards and learning wheels will provide sweet insight into everything space related!

Interactive mats and small world play will turn your little ones into instant space explorers – they will be having fun to the moon and back with these space toys! For even more convenience, our space toys for kids also features fun on-the-go toys such as magnetic sets and scratch cars to take their love for space with them wherever they go with mum and dad.