Space Toys

Space toys are a learning tool that excites and engages kids by keeping it fun and enjoyable.

So many kids dream of being an astronaut, flying into space, into the great unknown. Luckily we have some wonderful space toys for your toddlers to zoom around the house and to the stars!

Our wooden space toys for kids include rockets, space bases, jigsaw puzzles, and more. Get your young ones excited about the solar system, the stars, and astronomy in general. Expand their minds with fun and educational play, thanks to My happy Helpers.

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Are your little ones interested in learning about the phases of the moon, the planets, or are they interested in blasting their very own Rocket ship off to the moon?!

Our space toys teach kids to be big dreamers, space adventurers, and moon phase explorers, so that they can enjoy learning about space, exploration, and the galaxy around us.


Why buy Space toys for kids?

Kids are curious and inquisitive. They explore their world through play and expiration. Space is one of the last great frontiers, as they say in the classics, so giving your kids that sense of wonder through some space toys is fantastic.


They can imagine flying to the moon or a space station. You can stick glow-in-the-dark stars to their bedroom walls and ceilings and really bring the atmosphere to their play.

Get your kids excited with science, with the moon and planets of our solar system, and beyond.

How much do Space toys cost?

The range of space toys we have for toddlers is huge. Glow in the dark stars for around $10, educational wooden puzzles for less than $60, semi-precious stone sets for each of the planets, including Pluto, for less than $40.


The educational value your kids get from these space toys is incredible. We have Dream Big space adventures, educational space mats, solar system puzzles, and more.

What are the different types of Space toys?

You can give your toddlers some awesome space toys, like stacking rocket ships or a rocket ship bath toy. We have a lot of puzzles for your kids to play with, a round space puzzle, a solar system puzzle, or a big floor puzzle of the solar system!



You can give your children the fun of learning with flashcards, playdough stamp sets, and some cool space block building toys.


Excite their curious minds with adventures into the stares and their imaginations. Grab some hand-crafted wooden space toys, a jigsaw or other crafty toys from My Happy Helpers today.

Encourage your little ones to explore Space with Space Themed Dough Stamps

Playing with Playdoh is such a fundamental part of all children’s growth and development, helping build their own creativity, sensory learning, and motor skills.

Our Space Themed Wooden Stamp Sets are the ideal way to incorporate space themed learning into your Childs creative Play. 

Alternatively, use our Space Theme floor mats that depict all the planets plus the sun and moon and let your little ones recreate the solar system.

USe our Space mats outside for a jumping game and encourage your little ones to learn a new fact as they land on Saturn or Venus! These Space Adventures will become a  part of your child's imagination and memories.

Many of our space toys are made of biodegradable, plant-based plastic or from sustainable and eco-friendly wood. The touch and feel of these Space toys are not only pleasing for the child but aesthetically beautiful for display in a nursery or playroom.

Kinfolk & Co. makes incredible moon phase dough cutters with beautiful graphics and lesson cards to make learning fun and developmentally appropriate. If there is a child in your life who's an enthusiastic astronaut— or hasn’t quite discovered space at all yet— and you're looking for the perfect learning tools to get them involved.

My Happy Helpers has a variety of space toys including gifts for a variety of ages and interest levels.

The key is to find the best Space toys for your little ones that can encourage them to question things from an early age. Shop our range of space toys for your kids, and you may just be responsible for sparking the interest that lands them a job at NASA someday!

Discover a world of possibility with space toys for kids

Are you looking for perfect space toys in Australia? Step into a world of stars, planets and galaxies with My Happy Helpers’ space toys for kids! Whether your little one loves facts about space, building little scenarios or playing with puzzles, our space toys will be an educational, fun and magical experience to enjoy during playtimes!

Perfect puzzle space toys to launch their problem-solving skills

From building their own solar system to completing colourful puzzles, out space toys puzzles are pure joy for little fans of stars and planets. They will definitely love fitting together picture pieces and sequences to create wonderful images that will let their imaginations soar!

Interactive space toys for kids to delight and educate little ones

My Happy Helpers’ range of space toys for kids includes fun interactive toys that will keep little ones engaged for hours of playtime fun. Playdough stamps, honeycomb activity sets and eco cutter sets will bring out your childrens’ creative sides, while flashcards and learning wheels will provide sweet insight into everything space related!

Interactive mats and small world play will turn your little ones into instant space explorers – they will be having fun to the moon and back with these space toys! For even more convenience, our space toys for kids also features fun on-the-go toys such as magnetic sets and scratch cars to take their love for space with them wherever they go with mum and dad.

Where is the number one destination for space toys Australia!

If you are looking for a leading provider for high-quality space toys in Australia, look no further than our specially curated range, put together with educational play and fun for little ones in mind.

Made from child-safe materials that are non-toxic and long-lasting, our space toys make for perfect gifts and treats for little ones, so browse our range today to find your child’s next space adventure!