Pirate Ship Toys

Pirate Ship Toys

How much fun can kids have with a toy pirate ship? They can imagine themselves sailing the high seas in search of adventure and treasure! Being a pirate can help children build their own story, their own narrative and be a bit rebellious with their creativity.

Pirates are not bound by rules and behaviour. They can sail here or there, even into the stars if your children so desire. The chance to stretch their minds and imagination is fantastic.

Plus, while we may have some pirate figurines to play with, any toy figurine, or animal figurines, can become a part of your pirate crew.

Grab your child a pirate ship and start your adventure today!

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Why buy pirate ship toys for kids?

There is a sense of freedom and adventure with pirates. We here at My Happy Helpers fully encourage creative learning and the unleashing of a child’s imagination with all of our toys. There is something about playing at being a pirate which gives even more freedom to a child’s active mind.

Your children can draw a treasure map even make your home a part of the treasure hunt. They can even dress up to play the role of a pirate, complete with an eye patch.<

Pirate toys allow children to experience their imagination in so many ways. Dressing up and rolling their rrrr’s, drawing a treasure map, exploration, creating an epic story in their mind, and making it come to life.

How much do pirate ship toys cost?

The price tag on these toys does not reflect the many hours of enjoyment they will bring. Knowing that a good quality toy, such as this solid wooden pirate ship, will last years of vigorous play and not break, means it is a good investment. Can you see that same pirate ship handed down to your grandchildren in the future?

That is the kind of toy you’re buying from My Happy Helpers. One that encourages creativity and learning through doing, and one that will last for an age, and become an heirloom.

What are the different types of pirate ship toys?

My Happy Helpers has a cool selection of pirate toys for your young scoundrels to play with.

Crew your big wooden pirate ship with the Budkin pirate triple set of characters. You can even dress the part yourself with a Pirate Playset dress-up kit.

Continue the fun with pirate dreams and take Mick The Pirate as your sleeping buddy.<

If you want to get crafty, we have a felt creations Pirate Ship experience, or a 100 piece pirate-themed jigsaw puzzle to wrap their lateral-thinking minds around.

Cast your eye upon our magnificent toy collection and declare- tharr she blows!