Balance Boards & Wobble Boards for Kids

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Consider A Wobble Board or a Balance Board for Your Kids

Wooden Balance boards and wobbel boards have many benefits for kids and are a great product for children in the early learning stages of their lives. Performing exercises on a kids balance or wobbel board will help your children develop the subconscious ability to sense body position and joint movement, called proprioception. This means your children are constantly correcting their body position without knowing it and a balance board can assist in training their brain to better respond to the changes. 

Having a kids wobbel board around for your family to play with will help them to increase strength and stability in their core muscles as they grow. Coordination, posture and a proper spine position can be regularly practised and toddler balance boards are great for children who struggle with cognitive and sensory skills.

Our range of Wooden Wobble Boards & Balance Boards for Kids

At My Happy Helpers, we have a great range of toddler wobbel and wooden balance boards. Our dream is for each child to have the very best start in life, we understand how important it is to nurture the growing minds and bodies of young kids and our products are designed to assist with that.

Our selection of products include learning towers, toddler baking kits, climbing frames and much more, which all come with a warranty and easy returns.

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