Kids Balance & Wobble Boards

At My Happy Helpers, we have a great range of toddler wobble and wooden balance boards. Our dream is for each child to have the very best start in life, we understand how important it is to nurture the growing minds and bodies of young kids and our products are designed to assist with that. 


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From what age can I use a Montessori Balance Board?

Montessori Balance Boards can be used from any age. Our board in particular is suitable from birth through to adult hood. Our Montessori Balance Boards are tested to hold 220kg

What are the benefits of Balance Boards?

The most obvious benefit from wobble boards is increasing stability and muscle control for your young ones. As they understand and gain more control of their bodies, they can become fearless, curious and adventurous! Wobble boards also help them with spatial awareness. Using arms for balance gives them an awareness of how far they can reach, what is out there and who is there to support them. Resistance training is fun. It is low impact and highly beneficial for the healthy physical development of young ones. Check out our balance boards and wobble boards and get rocking and rolling.

Why buy a Wobble Board?

As kids grow and develop, they begin to learn about the muscles in their body. Fine motor skills for holding and manipulating objects, and gross motor skills for running and jumping and balancing. Giving your child a balance board from My Happy Helpers encourages the development of core muscles. Children can learn stability and balance, and they are excellent for activities such as yoga and meditation. Balance boards, also called wobble boards, help with side to side stability and forward and back leaning stability. They build muscle learning for stability in your core and help with balance. Understanding how your body moves when unstable, can improve a child’s body awareness and encourage them to boldly go on adventures with safety in mind.

What are some products similar to balance boards?

Consider A Wobble Board or a Balance Board for Your Kids

Having a kids wobbel board around for your family to play with will help them to increase strength and stability in their core muscles as they grow. Coordination, posture and a proper spine position can be regularly practised and toddler balance boards are great for children who struggle with cognitive and sensory skills.