John Deere

For the budding construction worker, builder, or farmer, look no further. From the minds behind John Deere comes a line of children’s toys based on some of the iconic machinery corporation’s most recognisable designs. Now your little one can steer, pedal, harvest, construct, and demolish, all while refining their fine and gross motor skills. My Happy Helpers stocks an extensive range of John Deere toys to suit your child’s unique interests. 

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Why buy John Deere toys for kids?

All children love to build and create. John Deere’s range of construction toys provides kids with the perfect tools to turn their ideas into masterpieces. Developmental psychologists have shown that constructive play has a multitude of benefits for developing brains. It promotes spatial learning and visual-motor coordination, encourages cooperative play and self-regulation, and boosts confidence. John Deere Toys have everything your child needs to build the farm, castle, tower, or city of their dreams. Get them a gift they’ll love!

Where can I buy John Deere Toys? 

You can browse our online store and place an order to be dispatched the next day, or you can drop into our warehouse and pick up some John Deere toys at 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

What are the different types of John Deere toys?

John Deere toys are the ultimate tools for budding builders. They provide plenty of opportunities for imaginative, social, and cooperative play making them suitable for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and even tweens. Younger children will be drawn to the bright primary colours and movable parts, while older children will zoom around happily, creating construction adventures while building their problem-solving and fine motor skills. 

Are John Deere Toys Expensive? 

Just like their life-sized counterparts, John Deere toys offer an incredible bang for your buck. With this front-loading dump truck ($12.95), your child could be building the ultimate sand castle, while this 3-piece dump truck set complete with a sifted scoop, hand tiller, and patterned wheel roller ($39.95) provides endless possibilities for imaginative indoor and outdoor play. Made from durable plastic, and versatile enough to grow with your child, you can be sure that your John Deere investment will withstand years of playtime.

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