Papoose Toys Australia

Papoose Toys are designed in Australia, handmade in Nepal and designed to bring Papoose toy joy to little ones of all ages !


Papoose toys are something unique, something wonderful.

Designed in Australia and handmade in Nepal, papoose wooden toys are made by artisans in Nepal under Fair Trade Conditions. These toys push a child’s creative imaginations to wonderful places and back again.

Musical instruments that fit a small hand, felt balls which play and feel so good. We have magical creatures, fairies and gnomes, and their handmade gnome homes.

The sense of joy and whimsy with our papoose toys is truly joyful. You can have a felt forest full of mushrooms for your tiny critter friends, hobbit holes, fairy house, and more. Your children can fill their world with colour and laughter playing with toys that feel good to hold. It teaches social communication and understanding. Have a long slow look at these papoose toys and pick up something special for your children.

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The Papoose Felt range of toys range includes a gorgeous selection of felted small world play animals and trees, caves and other mystical characters such as fairies and gnomes. 

Have you often wondered what makes those beautiful play scenes look so incredible ? More often than not, its because they include the Papoose Felt Trees. Standing tall and magical, the Papoose Trees are whimsical and magical and they make any play scene shine. When we add a little magic to our childs play, we teach our children to look beyond the four walls to find a little sparkle and magic. 

Handmade from 100% Wool and beautiful Wooden pieces, the Papoose Toy Range is a mystical range all of its own. Designed in Australia and made in Nepal under Fair Trade Conditions, using local artisans in villages around Kathmandu.

Papoose Toys core focus is on early childhood, designing custom products that are educational and engaging.

The entire range is beautifully designed by Renske Carbone and support children's creative and imaginative play. They are stylised with a healthy amount of whimsy. Their design is timeless can can be used for generations to come.

For more small world play ideas incorporating Papoose Felt Toys and trees, check out our other collections ! You'll be sure to love our range of Papoose Toys for kids and babies.

Why buy papoose toys for kids?

Our Papoose toys are unique, delightful and offer a different playtime experience for your children. Soft, felt balls for throwing and catching, juggling perhaps? And they won’t dent or mark the walls of your home when being thrown around.

The imagination can go to wild and wondrous places with woodland fairies or gnomes, toadstools, and acorns.

It is a new textual experience your children will love, and help them understand the world around them in a different way from the wooden toys.

Are Papoose toys expensive?

The Papoose toys are hand-made in Nepal through Fair Trade Conditions. Your child could be playing with a set of 7 felt balls for less than $10, and playing with a tambourine for around the same price.

The value of these toys is in the experience they bring to your children. These are unlike any other toys you’ll find, with whole worlds of fairies and gnomes, with forests and houses too, your children can build a whole world of imagination and play for hours on end.

What are the different types of Papoose Toys?

The different types of papoose toys are astounding. If you want to feed your children’s imagination, this is an all-you-can-eat play buffet.

Start with some earth felt balls, in packs of 7 or packs of 28, maybe juggling acorns is your thing? You can have a village full of Earth Gnomes or Bright Elves, Winter Fairies, and more, and they can live in a round Fairy house, or a square fairy house, perhaps even a Hobbit House!

You can play with soft dinosaurs, set them up on a play mat, and cover the world with forests of Autumn Trees, winter trees, or trees from all seasons.

So much potential to create and play, stories to imagine and adventures to be had.