Baby Boy Toys

For that special little boy in your life, nothing is too much. The most useful baby boy toys facilitate skill-building and opportunities for personal growth. But with so many options on the market, how can you find the most memorable and engaging toys?  My Happy Helpers takes the challenge out of toy shopping by studying the latest trends as well as global data on early childhood development. So, whether he’s a burgeoning artist, fireman, astronaut, or rockstar, you can be confident that My Happy Helpers has the tools of the trade. Browse our selection of boy toys - from puzzles to trampolines to educational play cards - and order today!

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Why buy boy toys for kids?

Play is especially important in childhood, and toys are the ultimate tools that help growing boys understand the world around them. But what exactly makes a good toy for boys? A quick browse through any childrens’ store can leave even the most experienced parents feeling overwhelmed. How do you choose the toys that will nurture, encourage, comfort, and challenge your growing son?

Behaviourists and teachers alike have found that the best toys for boys are those that match their developmental stage, and encourage the development of new skills. It’s also important to note that early childhood studies have shown that gender-neutral toys are more beneficial in your little boy’s social-emotional development than more traditional, male-specific toys. With this in mind, My Happy Helpers offer a range of engaging, high-quality toys that foster the development of important social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Are boy toys expensive?

With the cost of raising a child currently exceeding $8000 a year, it can be helpful to budget for toys. At My Happy Helpers, we stock a wide variety of toys, suitable for all price ranges. If you’re looking for a quality educational toy without breaking the bank, we offer dozens of affordable options, such as this classic floor puzzle or this dinosaur-themed playbook. On the other hand, if you’re looking to spoil your baby boy with an extravagant gift, we stock a range of luxury toys - like this stylish cruiser scooter or this deluxe train set - guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face.


What are the different types of boy toys?

My Happy Helpers stocks a range of toys suitable for every aspect of your child’s development. We offer high-quality toys that facilitate skill-building through language, problem-solving, cooperation, and creativity. Toy animals can promote the development of social-emotional skills through nurturing behaviours; musical toys can boost sensory perception and fine motor skills; and educational toys are specifically designed to enhance neurocognition.

We even have a range of specially curated wooden toys, environmentally-conscious and free from the potentially harmful chemicals found in plastics.


Things to consider when buying baby boys' toys?

No matter how young how child is, it’s important to enrich their lives with toys that will be as educational as they are entertaining. When buying baby boy toys, seek to find items that will help your little guy learn about the world around him and develop his gross and fine motor skills.

Of course, it’s important to factor in a child’s age when purchasing toys, but there’s also nothing wrong with items that will challenge a baby and help promote their cognitive development. We find that the best toys are often the ones that are open-ended and able to grow with a child as their imagination and interests evolve. It’s also worth noting that gender-neutral toys are just as, if not more beneficial to a young boy than male-specific toys. So, don’t feel like you’re limited to only buying boy toys for your kiddo.

What are the benefits of baby boy toys?

Babies take notice of the world around them from as early as the newborn stage, so it’s never too early to provide them with toys that will encourage both their mental and physical development.

A benefit of buying a baby boy toy is the progression of social and emotional skills, as they will no doubt encounter situations where they need to share and play with others cooperatively. On top of that, there are also practical benefits to baby boy toys, including the improvement of hand-eye and muscle coordination.

What are the best baby boy toys?

Some of the best toys for baby boys are also the simplest, such as high-quality soft toys. Soft toys have the power to stimulate a child’s imagination and encourage them to roleplay countless scenarios as they grow up. Much more than just a way to pass the time, imaginative play helps foster a child’s social and communication skills, starting from before they may even be able to actually talk.

Another one of the best boy toys is an age-appropriate musical instrument. It doesn’t matter if your child might not be the most musically inclined, as toy instruments help develop fine and gross motor skills from a young age. Plus, they contribute to a baby’s sensory development by exposing them to a wide range of sounds that they can learn to control themselves.

What are the most popular toys for baby boys?

One of the most popular toys for a boy of any age, including infancy, is puzzles. It’s not hard to see why a basic, age-appropriate puzzle can have lots of benefits for a baby boy. For starters, puzzles help improve concentration, problem-solving and memory skills, which will be vital once a child reaches childcare, kindergarten and beyond.

On top of that, they also promote teamwork and patience, which are important attributes of an emotionally intelligent child. Another popular baby boy toy is a set of building blocks. Similar to puzzles, these blocks help develop fine and gross motor skills and also encourage logical thinking. Blocks are an investment that’ll be there as your baby grows and what they build becomes more sophisticated and advanced

What are the best toy presents for baby boys?

We think sensory toys make some of the best presents for baby boys. These toys, like sensory balls or blocks, are known to promote relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety levels in people of all ages, including babies.

On top of that, they aid in building both gross motor skills like lifting and kicking and fine motor skills such as gripping. By buying baby boy toys that focus on sensory stimulation, you’re both keeping your little one amused and encouraging their intellectual development.