Holztiger Dinosaurs & Animals

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Holztiger - Green Dragon
Holztiger - Elephant
Holztiger - Crocodile
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Holztiger - Camel with Saddle
Holztiger - Leopard
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Holztiger - Drake
Holztiger - Blue Whale
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Holztiger - Dalmatian

Holztiger animals are a fun range of wooden toys that your child is going to love. Holztiger Dinosaurs, Ducks and Bears - we have them all

Give your little ones hours of small world play with high-quality Holztiger dinosaurs, animals and playsets.

Made in Europe, each figure in this range is individually handcrafted out of maple and beech wood and painted with child-friendly, non-toxic watercolour paint.

Parents can purchase their little ones’ favourite characters separately or select carefully curated themed playsets. These sets include a dinosaur trio (includes a brontosaurus, a spinosaurus and a triceratops); a wild animal set (includes a camel with saddle, an ostrich, a roebuck, a brown bear, a kangaroo with young and a crocodile); a farm animal set (includes a farmer, a horse, a cow, a goat, a boar, a sheep and a hen); a sea life aquatic animal set (includes a penguin, a seal, an orca whale, a dolphin, a shark and a polar bear) and a baby farm animal set (includes a female farmer, a chick, a lamb, a calf, a foal and a young boar).


Your little ones can discover the animal kingdom with our collection of Holztiger animals

Separate characters to choose include a cat, a swan, a cart-horse, a drake, highland cattle, a leopard, a Dalmatian, a toucan and a rooster – to name only a few!

Each animal character encourages imaginative play and will provide hours of fun for little ones. 

The Holztiger figures are large making them perfect for children's hands to grip. They are individually handcrafted out of solid maple wood, softly rounded and painted by hand using watercolours.

Shop our Holztiger Animals range to start creating their little collection today!