Baby Girl Toys

Baby Girl Toys

Giggles and curls, ribbons and bows, sugar and spice, and all things nice – whatever your little girl is made of, My Happy Helpers’s curated collection of girl toys is guaranteed to capture her heart and unleash her potential.

Nourish her curiosity with wildlife learning cards, unlock her imagination with a secret agent play set, and encourage her creativity with a lantern crafting kit. When it comes to girl toys, the possibilities are endless!

Shop My Happy Helpers’s range of girl toys today, and celebrate your little princess.

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Why buy girl toys for kids?

Choosing toys that are suitable for girls can be a challenge. By gaining an understanding of the role of play in child development, teachers and parents can select toys that build upon emerging skills, taking the unique needs and interests of each child into consideration.

At My Happy Helpers, we research and recommend the best toys for learning and engagement, so your little girl can dream, create, experiment, build and explore to her heart’s content. It’s also important to note that early childhood studies have shown that gender-neutral toys are more beneficial in children's social-emotional development than gender-specific toys.

My Happy Helpers understands that toys are much more than mere objects, and our collection celebrates inclusivity and individuality.


Are girl toys expensive?

My Happy Helpers believes that fun doesn’t have to be extravagant. A child’s imagination can easily transform simple, everyday objects into something magical.

The best toys are those that awaken your child’s inner world, allowing her to create and explore new ideas.

We offer a range of affordable and practical girl toys – from paintbrushes to musical instruments to educational games, and more – and for special occasions, we stock a selection of high-end products so you can present your little lady with the perfect gift.


What are the different types of girl toys?

Our range of girl toys are suited to every age and interest. For babies, we offer toys that help them develop sensory skills – such as musical rings, rattles, and colourful blocks.

For toddlers, there are puzzles, plush toys, and dollhouses. For older children, there are interest-specific toys that will challenge her and further develop her cognitive and social-emotional skills.

My Happy Helpers also stocks a selection of wooden toys that have the added benefit of being eco-friendly and chemical-free, giving you peace of mind during playtime.