Toys For Three Year Olds

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Most three-year-olds are quite developed physically. They can walk a straight line, run and skip, even walk backwards with some skill. They can wash their hands, dress themselves and have developed some fine motor skills and advanced gross motor skills.

My Happy Helpers has some great toys for three-year-olds, bright colours, fun things to play with. You can test their fine motor skills with puzzles and building blocks, ramp up their growing imaginations with some cool farm animals, or gardening sets, tune their musical talents with our range of musical instruments as well.

Feed the growing mind and work that growing body, with educational and fun toys from My Happy Helpers.

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Our range of Toys for 3 Year old Kids will have your little ones entertained for hours on end ! 

Where to buy Toys for 3 year olds ?

Why buy toys for 3-year-olds?

Three-year-olds are beginning to understand the world more, understand themselves too. Their social skills and language skills are growing, so you need something to stimulate them, to entertain and fill that need for knowledge.


Puzzles help grow their problem-solving skills, help with fine motor skills, and can be a social engagement, working together to form the picture. We have number puzzles and alphabet puzzles too, so they can learn letters and numbers while they play.

The complexity of toys also grows with them. We have some wonderful wooden kitchen playsets, gardening playsets, baking and mixing toys, even a beauty star playset. All of these toys introduces real-world concepts but in a fun way.

Are toys for 3-year-olds expensive?

The costs for toys and entertaining your children grow as they do. The lovingly handcrafted wooden toys for three-year-olds that we have on offer, are very much worth the value that you get.


Look at the wonderful dollhouses we have and the crazy amount of accessories you can have for them. Hours of creative play, making up stories for the family that lives inside.

Check out the range of puzzles you can give your children, have them solving problems, and playing with friends.

The price you pay for a toy is reflected in the play they get out of it. You wouldn’t want to put a lot of money into something that would bore them within a day.

The high-quality, wooden toys for three-year-olds that My Happy Helpers has for you, and for your children, stand the test of time, the test of play, and the test of longevity.

What are the different types of toys for 3-year-olds?

What does your three-year-old like to do? Play with puzzles, puzzles of dinosaurs or of unicorns? How about building with coloured blocks, in triangles or rectangles, how about a row of colourful little houses?


Do they like to play with dollhouses, with fantastic furniture, a kitchen set, or an outdoor playset?

Are they fast on their feet and love to have a balance bike?

Help them learn their alphabet with a nesting and balancing set, or a felt board activity set.

The amount of fun playthings we have for your three year old is amazing. Browse our online store or come down to Dandenong South and visit our factory showroom.