Magnetic Letters

It’s not hard to see why magnetic letters have long-remained one of the most popular toys for children of all ages. Far more than just a fridge decoration, these timeless items often serve as a child’s first introduction to the alphabet.

Just like with reading to your children, it’s never too early to start playing with magnet letters and familiarising them with the written word. You’ll find the highest quality collection of magnetic letters on the market right here at My Happy Helpers.


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What are the benefits of our magnetic letters?

The beauty of magnetic alphabet letters is that they can be repurposed as your child grows and develops. While your little one is still a toddler, you can introduce them to the alphabet by teaching them to identify different letters by sight.

Once they get a little older, you can sort the letters into categories like lowercase vs. capital letters, circles vs. no circles and tall vs. short letters. Once they’ve mastered the art of identifying patterns in the letters, you can show them how to spell out their name.

Eventually, you’ll be able to teach them to use the letters to form foundational words.


Things to consider when buying magnetic alphabet letters

The most important thing to consider when buying magnetic letters is your child’s age and developmental stage. As we’ve discussed, these letters are highly adaptable and able to be used by toddlers and older kids alike.

However, factors like the size of the letters and their design will play a part in determining how suitable they are for your individual child.


What are the most popular magnetic letters?

The most popular magnetic alphabet letters come in bright and playful designs that will appeal to little ones.

Within our collection, you’ll find sets of magnetic letters in all colours of the rainbow that are guaranteed to spark your kiddo’s imagination.


What are the best magnetic letters?

The best types of magnet letter sets will feature both lowercase and uppercase letters. After all, teaching your child the proper case to use will help them with learning about forming sentences once they start school.

It’s safe to say you can consider purchasing magnetic letters as an investment in your child’s future.