Explore the whimsical world of Jellycat toys! Bursting with charm and personality, our plush companions ignite imagination and bring joy to playtime.

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Jellycat Toys


If you’re looking for top-quality soft toys that will last a lifetime, you can consider Jellycat your one-stop-shop. From bunnies to puppies and lions, you’ll find your child’s favourite animal in our Jellycat toys collection. Many of us still cherish our beloved childhood toys well into adulthood, and Jellycat’s are made it be treasured forever. What’s more, they also sell books aimed at little ones that are both educational and downright adorable. Take a browse through our range and pick up something special for your youngster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Jellycat toys?

No matter what type of soft toy your little one prefers, you’ll find the right one for them in Jellycat’s range.

Not only do Jellycat make toys that resemble familiar animals like puppies and bunnies, but you’ll also find more unique plushies like unicorns, donkeys and monkeys. In addition, Jellycat’s collection includes cuddly comforters and super cute hardback books. 

What should I know about Jellycat?

Founded in London in 1999, the folks behind Jellycat have long prided themselves on making soft toys that stand out from the crowd. Not only are their designs unique, but they are made from luxurious fabrics and first-rate materials to boot. Speaking of unique, Jellycat’s name came about in a rather memorable way. The term ‘Jellycat’ was made up by a child amused by the thought of jellies and cats together. It was decided that the name was a great reflection of the company’s slightly quirky and individual designs, so the rest was history.