Baby Sensory Toys

Baby Sensory Toys

It’s never too early to begin encouraging play in your children, and baby sensory toys are among the most important for their development.

More than just a distraction to keep them entertained, the right toys will encourage cognitive development and improve fine, gross and problem-solving skills. Providing your baby with a range of engaging toys from day dot will set them up for a bright future. Whether you’re looking for soft toys, sensory balls or blocks, there’s something for you at My Happy Helpers.

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Why buy baby sensory toys?

There are so many benefits to buying sensory toys for babies it’s almost tricky to know where to start. Sensory play is a vital component of child development as it helps to build both fine motor skills, like gripping and gross motor skills, such as kicking and lifting.

Beyond the physical benefits of sensory toys, they also help little ones improve their ability to focus on tasks and communicate, which is essential once they reach kindergarten and beyond. To top it all off, sensory stimulation has been proven to alleviate anxiety and stress in people of all ages, and babies are no exception.

Are baby sensory toys expensive?

While we believe that baby sensory toys are an important investment regardless of price, our range is certainly affordable.

We have collections of felt balls and egg shakers available for under $10, so there’s no need to spend a fortune to equip your baby with sensory-related skills. However, our slightly more extravagant items include this Wooden Lock Activity Board ($89.95) and this 28-piece Earth Felt Ring set ($122.95).


What are the different types of baby sensory toys?

One of the best things about our range of sensory toys for babies is how varied the products are. If you’d prefer to find a toy that’s cute and cuddly, then you can’t go past the adorable Charlotte the Sheep toy or Koala Buddies sensory set.

Meanwhile, if you’d rather find something that will encourage active play in your bub, check out this Wooden Play Ball or these Sensory Sound Blocks.


Things to consider when buying sensory toys?

Kids’ sensory toys engage your child’s imagination and enrich their sensory development by activating their five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. Some sensory toys help develop movement and balance, and some calm anxiety.


Sensory toys are used therapeutically for children with special needs, but they are also beneficial for all children of all ages.

When choosing the best sensory toy for your child, consider:

  1. Your child’s age and level of development

  2. The type of activities your child seeks, avoids or needs help with

  3. Any space constraints you have in your house (as this will affect the size of the toy you can buy)

  4. Your budget

What are the benefits of sensory toys?

Sensory play is an essential part of childhood development. The benefits of sensory toys are numerous:


  1. They stimulate the child’s five senses and are often used in therapy to help children with sensory disorders.

  2. They encourage children to learn through exploration and develop their creativity and imagination. 

  3. They improve fine motor skills, social skills and communication skills.

  4. They teach children about cause and effect and problem-solving and help them develop a sense of order and sequence.

  5. They strengthen brain neural connections and help with language development

What are the best sensory toys?

Since sensory toys are designed to stimulate the senses, look for toys that have the following features:

  • Visual toys – should be brightly coloured or have exciting patterns or shapes.

  • Auditory toys – should make interesting sounds, such as musical instruments, music boxes, rattles and shakers.

  • Tactile toys – should have different textures that feel good to grasp or hold in their hands.

  • Olfactory toys – should have distinct, delicious and fragrant smells. Wooden toys, for example, have that natural, warm, earthy and comforting aroma that many people, including children, love.

  •  Gustatory toys – should stimulate the child’s tastebuds and help them learn and identify different flavours. We have baking sets and safety knives that you can purchase to encourage kids to cook and explore food.

What are the most popular sensory toys?

My Happy Helpers have a wide range of sensory education toys to stimulate all the senses. Our best sellers include:


We are also a registered NDIS provider of sensory tools in Australia, so you can be confident in the quality of our sensory toys for babies, toddlers and kids. Shop our best sellers here.

What sensory toys should I buy my kid?

My Happy Helpers provide high-quality sensory toys for children of all developmental levels and needs. 


What’s more, our sensory toys are affordable, so you can enrich your child’s playtime with an investment of as little as $10.