Truck Toys for Kids

Toy trucks are awesome. Many of us have happy memories racing wooden toy trucks around the floor of the house. Pass those memories on to your children with their own wooden truck. Who knows where their constructive little minds will take them?! My Happy Helpers has many wooden toy trucks and tractors to give your kids hours of joy.

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What are the benefits of wooden toy trucks?

Our high-quality wooden trucks are responsibly made and designed to inspire interactive play and social development. Whether your child plays on their own or with friends to create a busy road full of wooden trucks, they'll love every moment and get the chance to practice their motor skills too. With their premium quality and durable materials, they'll last for years to come and bring joy to your little ones playrooms or nurseries.

Why buy wooden toy trucks for kids?

Wooden Toy Trucks are long-lasting and can be passed down to your kids or even your grandkids too. There is something timeless and nostalgic with a wooden toy truck. A toy truck is something simple and joyful, which fancy toys with lots of parts that can break just don’t deliver. Your children can build imaginary worlds and fill them with construction workers, delivery drivers and so much more.

What are some popular toy vehicles similar to toy trucks?

Much like the trucks, wooden vehicles can be educational for your children. These toys all offer opportunities for hands-on, imaginative play and help children to develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and creativity. My Happy Helpers offers similar popular vehicle toys for like:

How are My Happy Helpers toy trucks made?

Our stacking wooden trucks are perfect 2-in-1 toys that little ones can build and play with and are available in beautiful bright colours that add a cheery feel to their designs. Our handmade, vintage style, handmade toy trucks are beautifully crafted and oiled with a natural oil and beeswax. They are perfect for role-play and imaginative play, and are produced from plantation timber, using non-toxic and child-safe materials.

Are wooden toy trucks expensive?

You can pick up some wooden toy trucks, or a tractor, for less than $20. For the hours they’ll spend driving those trucks around, that’s great value. Then you can spend more money to get some hand-crafted trucks which look beautiful. Yes, you can use them as toys, but they would not look out of place as art on a bookshelf. Wooden toy trucks are a classic toy which is close to our hearts. They bring a lot of joy and fun to many children around the world.

What are the different types of wooden toy trucks?

You can start with a green wooden recycling truck or a bright yellow dump truck. We have wooden toy tractors, in green or red, even a bright red fire engine! The plain wood trucks include a semi-trailer, a cargo truck, and even a logging truck. If you’re running a warehouse you’ll need a forklift, of course. My Happy Helpers also has a wide range of sandpit toys, in the green and gold of John Deere. Excavators and big scoop dump trucks, tractors, and monster tread vehicles too. Get your kids playing with toy trucks, get their imaginations working just as hard as the long-haul trucks and tractors.

Things to consider when buying Toy Trucks

The choice of toys for kids is immense. Playing with toy cars and toy trucks is fun, but where will the toys be used? How old are the children who will play with them? We have some gorgeous wooden trucks. They are sturdy and will survive some heavy-duty truck play, but are more for indoor play, rather than rolling around in the sandpit. Then we have die-cast trucks and tractors, which are at home in the garden and sand pit for hours of fun. Think where your child will play with the truck more - indoors or out, and then shop with the My Happy Helpers online catalogue.