Toys For Girls

 Looking for fun and affordable toys for girls? Your first instinct might be to look for pink hues, dolls and dollhouses, kitchen sets and all things beauty. Alongside these feminine toys, girls need imaginative toys that put their skills to the test and expand their horizons.  At My Happy Helpers, we stock an incredible range of toys for girls to help them learn through play. You can teach your girl about wildlife with wooden safari animals where she can learn where animals live around the world, what they eat and how they behave. Alternatively, if she loves helping mum or dad in the garden, she can work on her green thumb with our three-piece gardening kit or our garden set. Shop toys for girls online with My Happy Helpers! 

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Why do girls need toys?

Girls are incredibly special. Their cognitive and emotional skills develop much faster than boys during childhood and adolescence. In fact, in their teenage years, girls’ brains can be as far as two years ahead of boys! With this in mind, it’s important to encourage our girls to learn and improve their skills when they’re young so we can set them up for success. Toys are a great way to support your girl’s development. When she’s not balancing, she can use her balance board as a cosy place for her teddies and dolls to sleep.  Open-ended toys will encourage your daughter to use her imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills. Browse through our collection of girls’ toys and check out online today. There are hundreds of girls’ toys to choose from here at My Happy Helpers! Browse through our collection and check out online for fast and free shipping over $199. We even offer flexible payment options like Afterpay!

How much do toys for girls cost?

How much time would you like your girls to be playing for? What would you like them to be playing with? These choices all affect the kind of spend you’re willing to invest in the toys for your girls. You can buy a wonderfully hand-crafted wooden dollhouse and fill it with high-quality wooden furniture, people and pets. The value you get from the purchase is super. You can have all of the above with a Fairy House Set, for less than $50. You don’t have to spend big to get big fun.

What are the benefits of gifts for baby girls?

There are many benefits to gifting toys for baby girls. They develop cognitive and imagination skills much faster than boys, so you should consider this when selecting the right gift. Set your young girls up to win early in life through play. How? Colourful puzzles help with problem-solving. Social play with doll houses or train sets encourages relationship building. Get your children connecting education and fun at an early age through carefully selected gifts and they will love to learn as they grow up.

What are the different types of toys for girls?

My Happy Helpers has so many beautiful toys for your youngest princess. Fill their lives with happiness, joy and learning with these toys for girls.

Toys for 1 year old girls

At one year old, your girl should be able to pull herself up to stand and walk while holding furniture, pick up smaller items with her thumb and pointer finger, and babble all day long. Music and movement will be all the rage in your household, so now is the time to introduce some instruments.  Your little one can start her own miniature-sized band with a hand-held drum, a percussion set and our DJ Mix & Spin Set featuring a keyboard, scratching board, a tempo slider and loads of sound effects. Over time, she’ll learn to keep a beat and make lots of brand new tunes for you to listen to. Is she loving her newfound ability to walk around the house? Our Baby Walker Wagon is extra sturdy so your little one can gain confidence while building her balance and motor skills. Plus, the walker comes with 29 coloured wooden blocks so your daughter can take her building blocks wherever she goes.

Toys for 2 year old girls

At two years old, your daughter should be starting to string words together and will feel more confident running, climbing stairs, kicking a ball and playing with more than one toy at once. She’s getting more independent and more active, it’s time for their first trike!  The Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Trike starts as a trike and once your girl is confident enough, you can convert it into a standard balance bike. It’s a two-in-one speed machine! Just remember to strap on a helmet and some knee/elbow pads for any unexpected falls! Your growing girl might even be ready for her first balance board. 

Toys for 3 year old girls

At three years old, your preschooler is making friends, talking in longer sentences, building a stronger memory and getting involved in more creative play. Her fine motor skills are on the rise, so it’s time to introduce small world play! Your daughter is just about ready for a dollhouse with smaller pieces like bathroom furniture, bedroom furniture and little wooden dolls to live there. 

Toys for 4 year old girls

At four years old, your growing girl is making lots of new friends in preschool and involving herself in make-believe play. She’s also more interested in numbers, letters, reading and spelling. Consider giving her a doll nursing set with a bottle, a pacifier or a cloth nappy. Alternatively, you can give her meat baskets, seafood baskets and bread baskets, so she can pretend to be a farmer working at a local market. If she’s loving learning her ABCs and 123s, a simple set of alphabet blocks will do the trick.

Toys for 5 year old girls

At five years old, your girl is starting school and gaining more independence. Consider building out her dollhouse collection with a wooden stable with horses and care products, or a chicken coop so her dolls can become farmers! For some more high-stakes pretend play, why not opt for our Secret Agent Playset? With an ID badge, a fingerprint scanner, a walkie-talkie and a utility belt to carry around all her gadgets, your daughter can be an international super spy.

What are the most popular gifts for baby and toddler girls?

Plush toys are still very popular with little girls, and My happy Helpers has a diverse range of cuddly options to choose from. Books on how to draw and how to relax and be mindful, are always a good option. Finally, building blocks are always popular and good fun. Give your girls brightly coloured wooden building blocks and let them bring their imagination to life.