Wooden Toys For Girls

Girls Wooden Toys

There is nothing greater than a good quality wooden toy, made with love. They feel much warmer in hand than plastic and last so much longer when played with.

The world of wooden toys for girls is expanding. Yes, we have dolls you can play with, however, they are diverse and fun, and colourful.

If you want, you can play with our Honeybake Oxford Kitchen, or you can get into the fix of things with Alex’s Work Bench.

Nothing is holding your girl back from paying with a wide range of fun and educational wooden toys with My Happy Helpers.

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Why buy wooden toys for girls?

The experience of gripping wooden toys, to have a tactile experience with wood, is lovely, no matter the gender. The bright colours pop and are just what a young girl wants.

Wooden toys are also hardier than their plastic cousins, giving young ladies a chance to get into some serious play without fear of breaking their precious toys.

The range of toys for girls is also very cool. You can get some cute little dollhouses, but you can also get a Gnome’s House, a treehouse playset, or even a fairy castle play scene. The definition for a girl-toy has been ripped up and thrown away. Girls can do anything.

Are wooden toys for girls expensive?

Wooden toys have a higher price tag than plastic toys for a reason. They are crafted with care, eco-friendly, and of higher quality. The wooden toys for girls will last longer and go further.

With My Happy Helpers, we focus on toys with an educational quality for your children. Touch and feel are an essential learning process, and the wooden toys have a unique feel to them, good for little hands to learn to grip and manipulate, to work on their fine motor skills. You are buying some long-lasting, quality toys for your young ladies, and you’re also getting them started learning about colours and shapes, how things feel.

This is what sets our wooden toys for girls above all the other toys on the market.

What are the different types of wooden toys for girls?

The range of wooden toys we have for your girls is fantastic. Not only can you play at being a brave knight, but you can also ride the high seas as a pirate, or rescue dragons as a beautiful princess.

My Happy Helpers also has a range of beautiful dollhouses. You can accessories your houses with a bedroom set or a sitting room playset. How about a cafe set for the mini chef?

We have many great wooden toys for girls here at My Happy Helpers, anything to match their growing interests and imaginations. Browse and find the perfect gift today.