Connetix Tiles

Our Connetix Tiles in Australia are the perfect toy for kids who love to explore their creativity! Our Connetix Magnetic Tiles allow young minds to construct 2D wonders and intricate 3D structures, opening doors to a realm of possibilities limited only by their imagination.

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Play, Create, Discover with Connetix Tiles

Discover the world of building and imagination with Connetix Tiles. Unlike other brands, our connetix tiles are intentionally crafted for safety and longevity. Their ultrasonically welded design ensures secure play, while the added rivets bring extra assurance, connetix tiles can also be used alongside Playmags and Magnatiles. Crafted from non-toxic, BPA-free and phthalate-free ABS plastic, our Connetix magnetic tiles undergo thorough and regular safety controls for every parent's peace of mind. Designed for ages 36 months and above, Connetix Tiles give your child the power to build, create, and explore with unparalleled magnet strength without frustration. These exceptional tiles, proudly available in Australia through My Happy Helpers, are more than just toys; they're catalysts for creativity, problem-solving, and educational development.

Why is everyone raving about buy Connetix?

Discover a world where your little one's imagination has no limits.

Connetix Magnetic Tiles kindle cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and even scientific and mathematical understanding through play. These flexible, enjoyable tiles can easily adapt to your child's creativity, from constructing intricate structures to creating their own imaginative worlds. Witness the limitless talent of your child as they embrace open-ended play with Connetix Tiles, the ultimate tool for your child's creative expression.

What are the developmental benefits of Connetix Magnetic Tiles?

Beyond safety and creativity, Connetix tiles can help foster your little one's social skills.

While these tiles provide the tools for your child to develop their creativity, critical thinking and motor skills when alone, in social settings, they can help improve their sense of teamwork, cooperation and resilience whilst further developing their social interaction skills. These strong and colourful tiles are ultimately the perfect tool for sharing while boosting your child's coordination and spatial awareness. Connetix Tiles are also suitable for independent play - ensuring hours of quiet activity for your child to develop their creativity and help them understand how to bring their ideas to life. Connetix Tiles are also compatible with both Playmags and Magnatiles to ensure seamless building time for your child without limits or restrictions on how far their creativity can take them.

Find Endless Creativity for Your Child with My Happy Helpers

Discover a vast selection of Connetix Tiles Australia-wide, exclusively at My Happy Helpers.

We have Connetix Tiles to suit beginners and talented little builders alike. Browse our range of educational collections to help your child play, create and discover new skills while growing their creativity. 

Can Connetix Tiles be used for open-ended play?

Open-ended play is directed by your child without any preconceived aims or objectives. Essentially, it's the kind of activity your little one can do without you, so long as they have the right resources to inspire their imagination. 

With a strong safety focus in their design process, Connetix tiles allow your child to play independently to let their imagination run free. This means they can build their own shapes and structures from the ground up and experience the trial and error of creative learning to develop their problem-solving skills independently.  When you first get your Connetix Tiles, feel free to demonstrate how they work and what they can achieve with them, but then, it’s time for your toddler to explore the possibilities themselves.

Which Connetix Magnetic Tiles Set is best to buy first?

The best Connetix magnetic tile set to start your child on depends on your specific needs and budget, as well as the age and interests of the child using them.

It’s important to consider the child's skill level, the size of the building area, and any additional features, such as doors and windows, that you may want to include in the set. Once you’ve established the above considerations, you can browse our Connetix tiles collection online and find the perfect set for your little aspiring builder.