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Connetix Tiles Australia ensure your child is only limited by their own imagination.

Connetix Australia focuses on providing the best magnet strength in the market, ensuring children don't get frustrated when they try and build and the strength just isn't there to hold the Connetix Tiles together. The strength of the Connetix Tiles ensures your little ones can build to their hearts content. 

These special tiles, designed by Connetix Tiles Australia, are made in China from non-toxic, BPA and phthalate free ABS food-grade plastic and they undergo regular safety control.


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Connetix 92 Piece Ball Run Pack


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Connetix Tiles 40 Piece Expansion Pack


Not only stylish, Connetix also focus on Safety and Strength ! 

Unlike other brands, the Connetix tile is ultrasonically welded and includes rivets for extra safety. The tiles are made from ABS non-toxic, BPA-free plastic. Compatible with both Playmags and Magnatiles.  Recommended for ages 36+ Months, encourage your child's inner architect to shine ! 

Connetix Tiles are the complete toy for your inquisitive and excitable toddler and they will spend hours engaged in play and fun, while learning at the same time. We can’t wait to see what they build!

The incredible Connetix Tiles encourage children to use their imagination to play, create and discover some incredible 2D and 3D shapes and buildings.

Connetix Tiles encourage cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills and help children build knowledge around scientific and mathematical concepts – all through PLAY!

Connetix Tiles are also a flexible, fun and adaptable toy which your toddler will love. Stronger than your average magnetic tile, Connetix Tiles can be used to build structures ranging in size from a ball run all the way up to a castle. The only limits are your child’s imagination – and we all know that toddlers are the most imaginative children around!

Connetix Tiles also encourage a multitude of Social Skills

Children's social skills are improved when they play in social settings with the Connetix Magnetic Tiles. Your little ones will learn important social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, perseverance and resilience. Create big castles and towers, build new homes for favourite toys or explore 3D shapes and patterns, all while having fun.

Alternatively, Connetix Magnetic Tiles can also be played with independently, ensuring hours and hours of parental bliss !!

Brilliant for independent play, as well as for sharing with siblings and friends, Connetix Tiles help your child develop a whole range of physical and mental skills, including spatial awareness and coordination, alongside having bundles of fun! These strong and colourful tiles are perfect for helping your toddler learn to share and play with others, as well as giving them the chance to focus on building something of their own. 

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