Children Travel Toys

Travel Toys

While we love to take our children travelling, we all know that it’s not always a walk in the park. Children have seemingly endless energy, so being cooped up during a road trip or long-haul flight isn’t easy on them. Luckily, our range of children’s travel toys will keep kiddos entertained for hours on end, allowing parents to take a breather.

Whether you’re after a handy portable toy set or items that are easy to grab and go, check out the My Happy Helpers collection of travel toys for kids today.

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Why buy travel toys for kids?

One of the main benefits of buying travel toys for your kids is knowing they’ll have something to keep them occupied every step of the way, no matter how long your journey may be.

Beyond simply helping alleviate boredom, continuing to play with toys will keep your child’s mind active and creative, so you don’t have to worry about them falling behind if they’re taking time off school or kindergarten. It’s also important to buy travel-specific toys, given they are the easiest to carry and to pack up in a hurry.

Are travel toys expensive?

It’s safe to say our range of children’s travel toys is utterly affordable.

Among our least expensive items are this Magic Ocean Painting ($14.95), and this Magnetic Puzzle Box ($16.95). Our more expensive items are only slightly pricier, including this gorgeous Gold Star Tin Tea Set that comes in an easily portable suitcase ($48.95).

What are the different types of travel toys?

Our range of travel toys consists of a variety of products, including a range of playsets that come in a tin case for easy packing.

You’ll also find other items available in their own carry case, like this convenient Wooden Train Set that’s easy to both assemble and take apart. We also recommend checking out this Little Doctor kit that is complete with all the essentials for a would-be Doogie Howser.