Wooden characters that your child will fall in love with. Check out the range from The Frecked Frog

Bring your little one’s imagination to life and take them on a magical fairy tale adventure with a beautiful playset from The Freckled Frog.

Featuring a host of famous and much-loved fairy tale characters, children can enjoy hours of open-ended play while exploring each little detail in this set while improving their visual perception and fine motor skills.

Let your child take the lead and create their own unique story with this 12-piece set. A princess and a dragon could team up for the ultimate road trip, or Jack and the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk could go have lunch at the bistro around the corner!

Hansel and Gretel and Red Riding Hood could have a play date, or be babysat by the witch. The king and the queen could go on a cruise to around the world to celebrate their wedding anniversary, while an elf, fairy and of course a knight in shining armour looks after the castle.

The possibilities are truly endless and each playtime can paint a different scenario with your child’s imagination forming the perfect canvas! Each beautiful piece in The Freckled Frog’s playset is designed to be easily grasped by little fingers and printed on both sides using non-toxic heat transfer technology to ensure the set lasts for years (and many stories) to come.