Sensory Toys

Help your child develop their five essential senses with our sensory toy range for kids!

Sensory toys enrich your child’s play by activating their 5 senses through play and exploration. You can find some baby sensory toys, so your youngest can learn about the world through different sensations of touch and smell, colours and taste, and through shaking things around, what different noises things make.

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We have some soft, felt Earth Balls, which feel wonderful and fuzzy, have different colours, and can be squished and grabbed.


The visual sensory tray has 4 different shaped blocks, each with a unique colour and feels to them. One even has a mirror for that extra special sensory experience.

And our wooden sensory toy rainmaker is awash with sensory joy. The feel of wood in the hands, the bounce of colour from the balls as they tumble from end to end, and the wonderful sound of rain they make when they do.

More than just toys, these sensory toys will bring a world of fun and education to your young child’s mind and heart.

Can Kids Sensory toys help with emotional regulation ?

Playing with sensory toys is an excellent way of promoting relaxation and providing a moment of enjoyment that may help to relieve your little ones tensions.

A good time to incorporate sensory play would be after times of distress or over tiredness. Its important to be able to provide your little one with a calm environment where they can explore their big emotions.

Other ideas for creating a calming space would incide quiet music, dimmed lighting and removing screens and electronic devices. 

Why buy sensory toys for kids?

Sensory toys add another level of fun and discovery to playtime. Not only will your children enjoy playing with our wooden sensory toys, but they can also experience different sounds, different feels of wood, plastic and materials that each toy is made from.

The smell of wood can last forever and bring back memories in later years when they return home and the toys are still there.

Adding the elements of senses to play can also cement the fun into a child’s imagination. They would remember the colour and movement more than the game itself.

What is a Baby Sensory Toy ?

A Sensory Toy can be anything that stimulates any of your little ones senses (sight, smell, touch, sound or movement)

Whilst baby sensory toys can be incredible for encouraging play and exploration, the best form of sensory play you can provide is through interaction and play.  Choosing Baby Sensory Toys with gentle, neutral colours is a great option. 

Do children receive natural Sensory play experiences?

Many academics believe the rise of children exhibiting Sensory seeking behaviours is related to a lack of Sensory Play in their natural environment.

Natural Sensory Play would include things such as movement and normal sensory stimulation. What does this really mean ?

It means academics believe we need to increase outdoor play and free time and decrease screen time. Another important factor that was mentioned was the need to reduce the academic pressures put on our little ones, instead focusing on getting them outdoors running, swimming, playing and exploring. 

As NSID Registered Providers, we offer a large range of Sensory Toys for Kids and Toddlers

Shop our range of Australian Sensory Toys for Kids at My Happy Helpers or call us anytime to chat about how our range of Sensory Toys could benefit your family. 

Are sensory toys expensive?

You would be surprised by the price, and the rewards your children will get for playing with their sensory toys.

You can have pots of colourful sensory rice for less than $10. You can create art and pictures, run your hands through the rice or drop the grains onto different surfaces to hear how they sound.

Another idea is the set of Earth Felt Balls, soft and pliable and in a range of colours, for less than $10.

Enriching your child’s playtime with discovery is well worth the investment in our high-quality sensory toys.

What are the different types of sensory toys?

What senses would you like to play with today? Would you like some colour and movement with our rainbow ribbon wand?

How about the feel and smell of sand, with some colourful toys and the sensation of wood with our Sand Tray set?

How about the smooth feel and weight of a wooden egg, and the joyful sound when you shake them?

My Happy Helpers has toys for all the senses. Brows e our collection for the right toy for the right little hands and minds.