Gross Motor Skills Toys

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We Have A Fun Selection of Gross Motor Skills Toys for Toddlers & Kids To Enjoy

Our gross motor toys are the perfect gift for your little one. From climbing triangles to indoor slides, My Happy Helpers toy range encourages your child to move and develop their motor skills. Gross motor toys are designed with your child’s creativity and imagination in mind and will help strengthen their coordination skills and large muscles in their arms and legs, all while having fun.

The purpose of gross motor toys

Gross motor toys offer many benefits and aid in the development of your child’s agility, balance, joint movement and overall proprioception. Jumping, walking, twisting and even falling down and getting back up are just some of the important skills children need to learn to have confidence in their body and understand its full functions. The more active a child is at a young age, the better they become at controlling their muscles and manipulating their body movements.

When children play on balance or wobble boards, or climb up and down a rock wall, their brain subconsciously reacts the jolts and their muscles contract and relax, which helps form correct body positions.

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Our team wants to bring out the best in every child during the crucial learning stages of their life, and keep them safe in doing so.

Browse our selection of gross motor toys and help enhance the motor skills of your child. There is something to suit the interests of every child, and the toys are compact enough for indoor play, so you can keep your eye on your little one.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about the importance of gross motor toys, or for any general enquires.