Hape Toys

HAPE toys are German-designed and built with children in mind. They are bright and colourful and crafted using natural materials such as bamboo and sustainable wood. HAPE wooden toys are finished in bright, non-toxic, water-based paints. Explore our range of HAPE toys below.

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Why purchase HAPE toys? 

HAPE toys are bright and colourful, and attractive to young children. They invite them to grab them and hold them and work them in their hands. This helps with dexterity, in understanding how things look and feel of different shapes and textures. HAPE wooden toys are built with quality and love. They will last a long time of play and imagination. If treated with love, some toys can be heirlooms, passed from child to grandchild to great-grandchild. Get your children excited about learning with a HAPE toy Kitchen Playset or a musical Pound and Tap Bench.

Are HAPE toys expensive?

HAPE toys cost a little more than your average toy from the toy store, but you’re buying quality. You’re buying history, a brand name with a fantastic reputation, and some tremendous toys. The quality of the toys means they won’t be used and discarded after only one Christmas or one birthday. They will last for years, to be played with by many children and their friends

What are the different types of HAPE toys?

Are your young ones into music, or do they love the sounds of drums and xylophones? You can have a stacking game and musical joy with our Stacking Music Set. There are hours of musical chasing fun with a rolling music box. You can even start a band with the mini band set SCA Get your children excited with movement and colour, and build fun marble racing tracks with The Cliffhanger marble set, Castle Escape or Race to the Finish. 

What are some similar toys to HAPE toys?