Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga Toys

For decades, millions of passionate yogis have been experiencing the benefits of yoga. Utilising breath control, balance, gentle stretching, and meditation, yoga has been shown to improve physical and mental health.

These benefits also extend to kids. Recent studies have shown that yoga can improve childrens’ focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behaviour. To encourage your child’s mind-body connection, yoga instructors, teachers, and parents alike recommend making yoga playful and fun for kids. My Happy Helpers stocks kids yoga toys to help you do just that! With colourful yoga mats and a range of illustrated yoga cards, you’ll have all the essentials to start your little yogi off on the right foot.

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What are these other benefits of yoga for kids?

Yoga has a number of proven emotional benefits. Some of these benefits include improving self-regulation, teaching your kids to use their breath to calm big emotions, improving empathy and self-confidence and improving concentration and balance.

Our Yoga Cards for kids are a great starting point to introduce your child to yoga;

Proving to be a fantastic tool for parents and teachers who want to encourage the children in their lives to practice different yoga poses and embrace the concept of mindfulness from a very young age.

Why buy kids yoga toys?

Being a kid isn’t easy. Managing schoolwork, homework, and extracurriculars along with family and friendships can take its toll. Yoga is a fun and engaging way to help kids relax and focus on the present. At the same time, it builds coordination, flexibility, concentration, cognition, and improves emotional regulation.

This increased physical and mental clarity can translate into improved classroom behaviour and academic performance. Emerging studies on holistic psychology and mindfulness have also shown that yoga may be effective in reducing the symptoms of some emotional and behavioural disorders in children.


Shop the My Happy Helpers kids yoga toys collection today, and help your child to quiet their mind, open their heart, and relax.

What are the different types of kids yoga toys?

My Happy Helpers stocks the essential kids yoga toys to get your mini yogi started on their mindfulness journey.

Our Bio Yoga Mats are non-slip, luxuriously soft, and embossed with yoga positions for kids to try, while Toddler Yoga Cards and the Yogi Fun Yoga Cards Kit teach little ones how to master poses with catchy rhyming instructions and eye-catching illustrations. The latter includes a leaflet with game suggestions that can be incorporated into birthday parties or group activities.


Are kids yoga toys expensive?

Yoga is a cost-effective hobby that kids can practice at home, the park, the beach, or any other comfortable, secluded spot.

For under $100, you can provide your child with everything they need to stretch and flex their way to a balanced, peaceful, capable mindset.