Learning Tower Safety

My Happy Helpers Learning Towers are a specifically designed piece of furniture that will safely raise your child to benchtop height, encouraging hands on interaction and undeniable learning opportunities. As you can imagine, a Learning Tower can also pose a large number of risks to your child if they are not professionally manufactured and do not comply with essential safety standards. 

My Happy Helpers Learning Towers and Piklers have been independently tested by SGS Global Testing Laboratories to ensure they comply with crucial elements of the mandatory and voluntary Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards. Our testing specifically focuses on the following areas that relate to children’s products: physical, mechanical, flammability and chemical/heavy metal testing. We believe these, along with adult supervision, to be the fundamental elements of Learning Tower & Pikler safety. In particular, My Happy Helpers Learning Towers and Piklers have been tested and comply with the following Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards:

AU/NZ 8124 Part 1: Safety of Toys – Part 1 Specifically Clause 5.12.6, 5.12.6, 5.12.6, 5.24,5.24.3, 4.3.1, 4.7 and 5.24.3.

This test covers a substantial number of individual tests, but the most relevant tests that our products comply with, include: Material Quality Test, Reasonable Foreseeable Abuse Test, Sharp Edges Test and Tip-Over Test as per the specific clauses’ mentioned above.

AU/NZ 8124 Part 2: Safety of Toys – Part 2 Flammability (Specifically Clause 4.1 and 4.4)

This means you can safely use and store your products in the kitchen as they has been specifically tested to ensure it complies with flammability standards.

AU/NZ 8124 Part 3: Safety of Toys – Part 3 Migration of Certain Elements

If you have a ‘chewer” on your hands, then this test will give you peace of mind knowing that even if your toddler happens to gnaw on the woodwork, they won’t end up with harmful heavy metals entering their systems. This includes the paint work which is low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and toxin-fee. As well as the above tests, SGS Global has also put our Learning Tower through its paces to ensure its weight bearing ability. My Happy Helpers Learning Towers have been professionally weight certified at 100kgs. (Meaning parents – meeting the 100kg weight limit - can also safely climb onto their little ones learning tower.)