Toys for 2 Year Olds

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Two-year-old kids are amazing. Full of energy, learning to walk, to run, to escape your grasp. They’re jumping with both feet, they’re climbing on things. How can we keep up?

Well, we have some exciting toys for two-year-olds to keep them occupied, entertained and get them educated, learning about the cool things their growing bodies can do.

From Balance boards for building those core muscles to trikes for them to run with, tool benches to grow their imagination, so many great wooden toys to choose from there’s something for every child in our range of fun and educational toys for two-year-olds.

Get them playing music with our range of musical instruments.

They can learn about different sounds, rhythms, melodies and songs, through the joy of making music – you never know, you may just have a musical prodigy on your hands!


Our range of Toys for 2-year-old kids will have your little ones entertained for hours on end!

Browse our curated range of toys for two-year-olds and find something to bring your little one hours of fun, entertainment and growth, all through the magic of play!

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Our range of Toys for 2 Year old Kids will have your little ones entertained for hours on end ! 

Why buy toys for 2-year-olds?

Two-year-old children are seemingly full of boundless energy, constantly looking for something new to occupy their ever-expanding minds. You can funnel that creative energy into learning and playing with toys for your two-year-old. If they’re really into climbing, get their gross motor skills and core strength up with a balance board or a balance and move bike.\


Remember, for a toy-year-old a toy isn’t something frivolous or silly. If it’s a high-quality toy developed by a reputable toymaker, it’s actually something that will actively help them develop their fine and gross motor skills and learn about the world.\


Their imaginations can be engaged with some awesome wooden toys, such as Noah’s Great Ark, or a Ferry Boat, or a Farm Playset. Have them create wild imaginative stories for you, learn language skills and make the connection between imagination and story.


Play is vital for growing minds and giving your toddler the right environment and the right toys to play with sets them up for a wonderful world of education and learning in their future.

Are toys for 2-year-olds expensive?

Education and play can come at a variety of price points. $30 can get you some wonderful Grandparents soft dolls to play with, $40 can get you a balancing toy or a cool set of ice cream toys.


A lot of our toys are handcrafted, high-quality wooden toys, not a mass-produced plastic toy that will break when it is first dropped by excited little hands.

You are buying something of value, something which will last a lifetime and be handed down to the next generation.

You are buying something of quality that looks just as good on the shelf as art, as it does giving joy to your child as they race around the living room.

What are the different types of toys for 2-year-olds?

We have so many different toys for your two-year-olds to get a grip of and run wild with. Balancing boards of different colours to work their gross motor skills and core strength, balance and move bikes for the very same reason as well.


  • Balance and Move – Balance bikes, scooters, balance boards, see saws, balance beams and so much more! Balance and move toys help two year olds to develop their gross motor skills and build strength in their growing muscles. Plus, balance and move toys help with to gain confidence as they discover their own capabilities.


  • Construction Play and Building Toys – From building blocks to marble runs and toy workbenches, construction play helps children learn how concepts like gravity and momentum work while having fun. These kinds of toys foster imagination, critical thinking and problem solving skills.  

  • Educational Play – Learning doesn’t have to be boring with educational play toys! From puzzles to jigsaws and fine motor skill toys your little one can develop new skills while having a whale of a time.


  • Imaginative Play – Fostering imagination and creativity is vital for the development of two year old children’s minds. With imaginative play toys like dress ups, doctors kits, doll houses and open ended play sets, your child can let their imagination run away with them!


  • Kitchen Play – From pretend food sets to real miniature baking utensils we stock a fabulous range of kitchen play items, perfect for getting your little one engaged in cooking and trying new foods!  

  • Outdoor Play – What two year old doesn’t want to get outside and get dirty? With fun outdoor play toys like bug catchers, buckets and spades and other gardening toys you can help them discover the amazing world of nature.


  • Toy Vehicles – Who among us didn’t grow up pushing miniature cars and buses along the living room floor? Toy vehicles like boats, rockets, trains and cars are always a hit with two year olds!


Do your kids love knights and castles and dragons? Are they into playing picnics or having afternoon tea perhaps?

We have playsets for dolls, car sets and more.

Fill your children’s imagination with fun and education. Have them learn about the world around them through joy and play.

What are some good educational toys for 2-year-olds in Australia?

At two years of age, children are developing at an incredible rate, soaking up information like a sponge. To help them expand their growing minds and learn about everything from their ABCs to colours, shapes and animals, it’s worth investing in some high-quality educational toys for 2-year-olds. Here are some of our favourites:


Wooden Small Activity Cube. This bright, colourful and engaging activity cube from Early Learning Centre features a range of different puzzles, games and moving parts in one compact unit. Keep them entertained for hours with shape sorting, spinning cogs, sliding beads and more. An excellent choice for classrooms, playrooms, waiting rooms or for leaving at the grandparents’ house!

Jigsaw Shape Fraction Puzzle. At first glance, this is just a simple puzzle, but the Jigsaw Shape Fraction Puzzle from Kiddie Connect offers a range of learning opportunities from simple to advanced. Each of the five shapes is a different colour, and each puzzle piece within the shape is a different shade of that colour, teaching children not just about colours but about the concepts of light and dark shades. Additionally, the puzzles have been cleverly designed to have the same number of puzzle pieces are there are sides: one for the circular puzzle, three for the triangle, four for the square and five for the pentagon, with two pieces making up the rectangular shape indicating the one long and one short side that make a rectangle. Beyond teaching numbers, advanced little mathematicians can grasp early concepts of fractions as they put the pieces together to make a whole.

Number Eggs and Stand. This simples sorting game makes an excellent introduction to numeracy, with numbered wooden balls designed to fit comfortably in little hands, this set encourages children to learn the numbers 1-10 and their order while also developing their fine motor skills. Made from sustainable plantation timber and coated in non-toxic child-safe oils, this set will bring hours of educational fun to any two year old.


Magic Touch Piano. Spark creative side with an engaging and educational Magic Touch Piano from Baby Einstein. WIth colour-coded keys and simple melodies annotated using simplified real music scores, this piano is the ultimate starting point for any would-be Mozart! Plus, with a built-in volume control, you can ensure your little one can practice to their heart's content without bothering the neighbours.

What kinds of toys are suitable for a 2-year-old?

Although they’re often called the “terrible twos”, two is a wonderful age full of growing, learning and lots of fun! Here are some tips for determining if a toy is suitable for your two year old:


  • Is it age-appropriate? Two-year-olds are often in the “I can do it myself!” phase, so it’s important to select toys that are safe and appropriate for them to play with on their own. Look for age ratings on toys to ensure they’re suitable for your two-year-old.  

  • Is it safe? Although in this day and age we’d like to believe that all toy manufacturers would use safe, ethical products, it sadly is not the case. When selecting toys for two-year-olds look for products certified to Australian Safety Standards which are free of toxic chemicals, choking hazards and hazardous parts like button batteries.  

  • Is it sustainable? Is the toy made from sustainably sourced materials? Look for FSC certified wooden toys, and buy high-quality products which can be passed down to younger siblings, cousins or friends to avoid waste.


The best toys for two-year-olds are ones that help them play, learn and develop all while having fun – especially when those toys are sustainably made, high-quality and safe for both children and the Earth. At My Happy Helpers, we’ve developed a curated range of toys for two-year-old children to help you find something for a special toddler in your life! Whether you want a second birthday present or an educational toy to help them learn their ABCs you’ll find something in our huge online range.

Things to consider when buying toys for 2-year-olds

With so many choices out there today, how do you choose the best toys for 2-year-olds? To keep your little ones occupied and stimulated as they discover the world around them and what their bodies can do, here are some tips:


  • Choose toys that encourage your toddler to be active. There are toys such as balance boards to help them with movement and balance or basic garden tools that get them exercising simple motor skills such as digging and raking.

Give your 2-year-old toys which look like the real thing. It helps them figure out how objects work and how they can help Mum or Dad, such as very simple cooking toys or wooden tools.

What are the benefits of toys for 2-year-olds?

Toddlers learn and express themselves through play. Educational toys, such as wooden puzzles and building blocks, encourage exploration and problem-solving. Another important benefit is the development of balance skills. Toys such as balance boards not only provide a great deal of fun, they help your toddler develop a sense of how to position their body and how their joints move.

What’s more, when it comes to discovering and nurturing your toddler’s fine motor skills, such as holding utensils like an adult, there are toys for two-year-olds such as kitchen items, garden implements and wooden tools which can fit the bill nicely


What are the best 2-year-old toys?

Generally speaking, it’s best to select toys for your toddler that encourage pretend play. At this age, it’s really good to play with toys that can be used in many different ways. An example of this is wooden building blocks.

One day, these might be used to create a road. On another, a robot. This helps stimulate your little one’s imagination and keeps them occupied while you go about your business. It’s also a good idea to select toys for 2-year-olds that will grow with your child. Wooden food is an excellent example of this. It will come in handy later on when your maturing child starts playing with a toy kitchen.


What are the most popular toys for 2-year-olds?

In our experience, the most popular 2-year-old toys are music boxes, wooden building blocks/puzzles, and imaginative play items. Specifically:


  • Music boxes are extremely popular, because they provide educational play, which helps your child discover the wonder of music. They are especially popular with parents because they can function as a definite mood lifter for your little one.

  • Parents favour wooden building blocks because they develop hand-eye coordination and improve your child’s fine motor skills. In addition, wooden puzzles help your 2-year-old build self-confidence through improved problem-solving skills.

  • Imaginative play items, such as cupcake sets, develop your child’s sense of creativity as they hold their own tea parties. Plus, our popular night lights, designed with delightful characters inside, not only help kids drift off to sleep but also encourage their storytelling skills.

What are the best toy presents for 2-year-olds?

It can be a guessing game with a two-year-old, but the best presents have to be fun and engage their needs. You can’t go wrong with hands-on toys that help them learn to manipulate things. Chunky wooden puzzles are great for this and provide a sense of achievement as well as an improved attention span.

Because any two-year-old seems to have boundless energy, another great choice is toys that allow them to move around, especially bouncing, sliding and wriggling. Some great options for this are balance boards, indoor slides, balance bikes and wooden seesaws.