Twin Learning Tower

Looking for a Learning tower for your Twins? 

Double the fun: A Double Learning Tower!

Having a double duo of eager little ones that are ready to help out in the kitchen or who simply just want to see what all the fuss is about on the kitchen counter can be challenge!

However, with MyHappyHelpers™ Twin Evo Duo Slimline Montessori inspired Learning Tower®, you get a height adjustable slimline, Australian designed learning tower suitable for more than one child. No more tears if there is more than one little one ready to try out a learning tower!

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Meet the Evo Duo Twin Learning Tower


Our adjustable Twin Learning Tower is the perfect learning tool for little toddlers and big kids.

Whether it be baking with mum or dad in the kitchen, role play or keeping messy activities up high, your little ones’ Learning Tower will be a prized possession for years to come.

Why a Twin Learning Tower ?

Truly versatile, our Evo Duo Twin is available in a range of colours that have been chosen for their ability to effortlessly complement some of Australia’s most popular interior colour schemes. This makes them a great accessory for the home that beautifully blends in with existing décor.

Good to know is that all of My Happy Helpers’ Learning Towers meet or exceed strict Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards – which means mum and dad have the assurance of child-safe play equipment that plays by the rules.

An even bigger benefit is that the Evo Duo Learning Tower  Range grows with your child. The top platform can be raised or lowered depending on the height of the children using the Twin Learning Tower at the time. This makes the Learning Tower a cost-effective choice too – there is no need to upgrade your tower as your child grows, when you can simply adjust and let playtime continue!