Kids Wooden Musical Instruments

Help your toddler develop a love of music with our Kids Wooden Musical Toys


Help your children discover the wonder of music with our range of musical instruments for kids.

There are musical toys for babies and musical instruments for toddlers. We have rainmakers and egg shakers, hand bells, and cymbals. Your children can bash and crash to their tiny heart’s content.

How about a bird whistle, or a train whistle? They can zing away on a xylophone or even strum on a guitar. Feed their creative minds and musical hearts today with the range of wooden instruments from My Happy Helpers.

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Help make your Child's Musical Toys & Instruments Dreams come true

If you’re in Melbourne we welcome you into our Retail store in South East Melbourne between 10am-2pm Monday to Friday. We have a full range of Guitars, Xylophones, Maracas, Shaker Eggs, Harmonicas, the range is huge.

Music is a universal language that is woven into every aspect of human society and culture and exposing your children to wooden musical instruments for kids from a young age has many proven benefits, both for brain development and social development. 

Alternatively you can shop online and have your Wooden Musical Toy order delivered right to your door.

What are the benefits of Wooden Musical Instruments ?

One of the biggest studies into the effect of instruments in children’s learning has revealed something remarkable: as well as improving fine motor skills, learning an instrument is incredibly beneficial to a child’s emotional and behavioural development.

The study, conducted by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, found that even small amounts of music education can produce major benefits to a child’s development.

Introducing your children to music from a young age has many proven benefits for brain development and social development. Music helps to develop your child’s non-verbal communication and boosts their cognitive skills, enhances their memory, promotes social skills and fosters creativity.

Understanding that different things make different noises and that you can change how those noises are made builds new pathways in their growing brains. For example, banging on a drum can help their gross motor skills while changing chords on a guitar helps them with opening and closing their hands, enhancing their fine motor skills.

It is also the beginning of a wondrous creative journey into music into melody and song. Who knows — your little one might be the next Mick Jagger!

Where can I buy the best Wooden Musical Toys for kids ?

Our range of Wooden Musical Instruments and Musical Instruments for Kids is extensive and we only stock the best quality wooden instrumental toys in Australia.

Our range is designed to foster a lifelong love of music in your little one and the added benefits don’t come from sitting and listening, as much as they come from engaging with the wooden instruments and music and experimenting with sounds.

Ready to introduce your kids to music? Shop a huge range of wooden instruments online with My Happy Helpers! From hand bells to rattles, xylophone, music boxes, guitars, rainmakers and accordions, we have all the instruments your little one needs to develop a deep love of music — just like mum or dad.

Find the perfect instruments for your kids online — we offer free shipping on eligible orders over $199 as well as flexible repayment options like Afterpay. Make some noise now and pay later — it’s never been simpler to boost your child’s development.

Shop wooden instruments for toddlers, babies and kids with My Happy Helpers.

Why buy musical instruments for kids?

Playing with musical instruments helps build your child’s sensory development. Understanding different things make different noises, and sometimes you can change how those noises are made, build new pathways in their growing brains.


Banging on a drum can help their gross motor skills, changing chords on a guitar helps them with opening and closing their hands and fine motor skills.

It is also the beginning of a wondrous creative journey into music, into melody and song.

Are musical instruments expensive cost?

The value you can gain from a musical instrument far outweighs the cost of purchasing one.


Giving your child a hobby they can build and grow into is a life-enriching thing to do. The skills they learn from this are priceless.

You can pick up a small xylophone, or some castanets, for less than $30

What are the different types of musical instruments?

You can start your young maestro off with a drum or a maraca, to teach them to keep time to a beat. We have bells to ring or tambourines to do both.

There are a huge range of instruments your little maestro can start off with! For example, you can start your little genius off with a drum or a maracas for percussion and teach them to keep time to the beat

We also have bells to ring or tambourines to shake and hit in time to the beat. Alternatively, they can learn to tickle the ivories with a tiny piano — like our Black or Red Pianos with Scores.

For something a little more creative, consider the Wooden Melody Mix Wall? It has a xylophone, a triangle and a whole host of other musical instruments built into one! Perfect for saving space and broadening your child’s interest in music, the Melody Mix Wall is a must-have for toddlers who love to make music.

If you’re looking for a more alternative instrument, introduce your little one to the accordion — this particular instrument is perfect for developing creative and coordination skills. Easy to manage and sourced from Vilac (the premier French toy manufacturer of over 100 years) you can guarantee your child will have a cultural, creative experience with this accordion.

For more advanced kids, start them on a marimba or a cool little guitar. They can learn how to pluck a strick or strike a chord — soon, they will have the confidence to take on a grownup guitar and take some lessons from local musos!

Start them young with our baby musical instruments

It’s never too early to introduce your bub to music! We have plenty of adorable musical instruments for babies, especially those who love their tummy time. For example, we have a colourful percussion mat with a comfortable cushion so your baby can lay on their tummy, pat the keys and make some noise!

As your little one grows, they can crawl around the mat and play, or once they find their feet, they can toddle up and down the mat and play music.

We also stock plenty of adorable rattles so your bub can shake them around and giggle to their heart’s content! As they grow, they’ll develop a sense of rhythm and soon they’ll be playing along with their brother, sister or even their friends.

We have something for everyone here at My Happy Helpers! Shop the range online today.

Encourage creativity and self-expression with wooden instruments for toddlers

Babies and toddlers don’t always have the vocabulary they need to express themselves, and can get very frustrated when they can’t verbalise their feelings! Our range of wooden instruments for toddlers, however, provides them with a new way to express their feelings in the moment and burn some pent-up energy.

If your little one is prone to temper-tantrums, a set of drums, a tambourine or a pair of maracas might be the perfect way for them to let off some steam. Studies have shown that percussion instruments have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety, while improving your child’s psychological wellbeing.

Plus, making music is a whole lot of fun — it’s hard to feel too anxious when you’re plucking the strings of a guitar, playing drums to the beat or even whistling away on a bird whistle!

Make some noise with our range of musical instruments for toddlers

Help your children discover the wonder of music with our range of musical instruments for toddlers and kids. Musical development is important for toddlers as it increases their sensory development, literacy and numeracy skills, and so much more. For older kids, it helps them improve their brain power, develop social skills and gain more confidence — plus, they get to make some noise, so it’s a win-win for children of all ages!

At My Happy Helpers, we want to help nurture your child’s development which is why we stock gorgeous wooden instruments for babies, toddlers and children. From rainmakers to egg shakers, hand bells and cymbals, your children can bash and crash to their tiny heart’s content while you embrace their musical interests.

Alternatively, your little one can zing away on a bird whistle, a train whistle, a xylophone or even strum on a guitar. They’ll learn the basics of music, develop a sense of rhythm and create their own tunes to perform for mum, dad, grandma or grandpa.

Feed their creative little minds and musical hearts with our range of wooden musical toys! We offer free shipping on orders over $199 and flexible payment options like Afterpay. You can introduce your child to music now and pay later!


The ideal way to learn patience

Patience is an important quality to develop from a young age, and learning to play a musical instrument is the perfect way to do it! Like any skill, learning how to play an instrument takes time to master. Your little one will gradually learn how to repeat familiar tunes and patterns, or maintain a steady rhythm — it just takes tonnes of practice!

Your child will love the sense of achievement they have when they finally master their favourite songs and manage to get every note right. Make sure to applaud their efforts, especially if they’re performing for the family!

Plus, our wooden instruments for toddlers are a great way to teach your little one how to wait and take turns while playing tunes with their friends, their siblings or even fellow preschoolers. With patience, your child can have more positive social interactions, make more friends and even get better grades!