Musical Instruments for Kids

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Help your toddler develop a love of music with our Kids Wooden Musical Toys

Music is a universal language that is woven into every aspect of human society and culture and exposing your children to wooden musical instruments for kids from a young age has many proven benefits, both for brain development and social development. But these added benefits don’t come from sitting and listening, as much as they come from engaging with the wooden instruments and music and experimenting with sounds.

Our range of Wooden Musical Instruments and Musical Instruments for Kids is extensive and we only stock the best quality wooden instrumental toys in Australia. Our range is designed to foster a lifelong love of music in your little one.


The benefits of encouraging your toddler to use Wooden Musical Instruments is backed by Scientific Studies

One of the largest studies into the effect of Children learning an instrument on the brain has revealed something remarkable: as well as refining fine motor skills, learning an instrument is incredibly beneficial to a child’s emotional and behavioural development.

The study, conducted by the University of Vermont College of Medicine in the US, found that even small amounts of music education could produce major benefits to a child’s development.

Exposing your children to music from a young age therefore has many proven benefits, both for brain development and social development. Music helps to develop your child’s non verbal affective communication, it helps to boost cognitive skills, enhance memory, promote social skills and foster creativity.

Help make your Child's Musical Toys & Instruments Dreams come true

If you’re in Melbourne we welcome you into our Retail store in South East Melbourne between 10am-2pm Monday to Friday. We have a full range of Guitars, Xylophones, Maracas, Shaker Eggs, Harmonicas, the range is huge.

Alternatively you can shop online and have your Wooden Musical Toy order delivered right to your door.