Kids Art Easels

Kids can discover a lot of joy and expression through art. Painting with big bright colours in large brush strokes on an art easel for kids, they express their view of the outside world and their inside imagination. Creative play is one of the best ways for kids to learn.  My Happy Helpers has a wide range of kid’s art easels, with magnetic white erase boards that flip around to be chalkboards, to wondrous glass frames so they can create vistas in a window. Browse through our collection, and find the right easel for your budding Margaret Olley.


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Why buy an art easel for kids?

Kids Easels encourage your creative littles to indulge themselves in art and messy play. From elaborate finger painting to frame worthy artwork, easels are the perfect way to encourage your little ones to express themselves through their artwork.  One of the best reasons to buy an art easel for kids is space. You might lack table or floor space for kids to spread out their paints, or crayons, and get creative with colour. A kid’s art easel takes less space and has all the art gear racked on the easel for speedy access. A kid’s art easel also stakes out their art space. Rather than being creative wherever there is space, they know they have their own creative space, just waiting for their little muse to strike.

Are Kids Easels Expensive?

Any investment into good art supplies will cost a bit more. You don’t want a flimsy easel that will collapse under too much use. Plus the easels we have for your children are multi-use, with chalkboards, magnetic whiteboards, clips for butcher’s paper and more. For one price you can have many hours of art play. Draw some trees and flowers, spaceships and stars. Then wipe it clean and start again. Less mess, more joy.

What's the best type of Art Easel? 

Check out the Contempo 2-sided easel. A magnetic, dry-erase marker board on one side, a chalkboard on the other, which is wet chalk friendly. Your children can draw, and re-draw, to their creative heart's content, with no waste of paper. The all-in-one easel has 3 pots for paint, a roll for paper, a chalkboard, and a magnetic dry-erase board. My Happy Helpers is here to help you encourage your children to grow and express themselves through play and art. Browse the easels, and all our other toys, and find something for your kids today.

What are some products similar to a kid's art easel?