Fine Motor Skills Toys

Fine Motor Skills toys are one of the most crucial products to introduce to your baby or toddler.

At this critical age, children are constantly soaking up information and are able to learn at an extraordinary rate. That’s why it is so important to surround them with toys like puzzles and building blocks that will positively impact their motor development.

From learning how to reach and grasp toys to improving their hand-eye coordination, My Happy Helpers has the items to ensure your child’s fine motor skills are on the right track. Whether you’re looking for more extravagant toys or something affordable to keep your child entertained, there’s something for you at My Happy Helpers!

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Our My Happy Helpers Family practising their Fine Motor Skills with our range of Baby Toys

Child playing with puzzle Child building blocks Child playing with posting toy Child playing with playdough stamps

What are fine motor skills toys?

Puzzles, jigsaws, building blocks, stacking and posting toys are all ideal for encouraging your toddler to develop their fine motor skills. These toys help with grasping, and hand-eye coordination which are important skills that will help your little one do everyday tasks like holding a pencil and picking up a cup.

What toys help develop fine motor skills?

Sensory Play - Rolling, pinching and stretching playdough and using playdough stamps help to encourage your toddler to explore many different ways to exercise their fine motor muscles.

Wooden Peg Puzzles - Picking up these puzzle pieces and placing them the correct spot helps to develop your childs pincer grasp.

Threading and Lacing - These types of toys are perfect for hand eye coordination. One of the most  important fine motor skills to master.

Why buy fine motor skills toys?

Given that most fine motor skills toys aren’t battery operated, they are reliable and portable enough to bring along with your busy toddler, whether you’re running errands or attending appointments.

On top of that, developing your child’s fine motor skills will help set them up to achieve their best once they begin attending kindergarten and beyond. Playing with toys like construction blocks and jigsaws will help strengthen your child’s arms, hands and fingers and develop their hand-eye coordination. Not only are these skills important for basic tasks like holding a cup or using a pencil, but they will also come in handy when kids begin playing ball games in or outside of school.


How much do fine motor skills toys cost/are fine motor skills toys expensive?

One of the best things about fine motor toys is the wide range of prices they come in. If you’re keen to stick to a budget, we recommend checking out items like this chain link ($14.95) or wooden loom ($16.95), which have all the benefits of any other fine motor skill toy.

If your price range is a little broader, take a look at this gorgeous weaving station ($119.95) that is perfect for helping your child to relax and unwind or one of your special birthday Montessori-inspired toy sets ($99.95).


What are the different types of fine motor skills toys?

My Happy Helpers offers a plethora of fine motor skills toys to choose from. Each type of toy has been tried and tested to ensure it will help your child to develop the motor skills they need to thrive in life.

Among our most popular products includes stacking blocks and wooden puzzles, which are available to suit a range of ages. On top of that, we also offer matching boards and even playsets that are specifically designed with your child’s development in mind.