Musical Toys For 1 Year Olds

Musical Toys for 1-year olds

Getting your young one-year-olds into music is great for exploring sounds and growing their minds and sense of wonder. It can encourage them to dance and move, which helps develop their fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

It can also encourage them to dance and jump up and down, growing their balance and strength, and their enjoyment of music of course. My Happy Helpers has a wonderful range of musical toys for one-year-olds to get their hands on and create a symphony. Colourful Xylophones, echidna-shaped rattles, or a full-on wall set with music galore! Find the best musical instruments for your one-year-old, thanks to My Happy Helpers.

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Why buy Musical Toys for kids?


There are so many reasons why buying musical instruments for your one-year-old is a good idea. Music is a mood lifter, it can cheer you up.

Banging on a drum, or on a xylophone, even if not a masterpiece, the sound produced can be fun and exciting for your toddler. The sounds and sensations help with sensory development and help with muscle development. Dancing along to music helps with gross muscle function and also coordination learning.

Further dancing can lead to happiness, which leads to more expressive movements, such as jumping around, which is more physical development for your youngsters. When they start connecting songs to singing, your child’s vocabulary will begin to grow in leaps and bounds.


Are Musical Toys expensive?

Not at all. Your toddler can be shaking and rattling and rolling with a Tube Shaker for just $10.95 or creating the sound of rain for just under $20.

The musical journey your toddler will take begins here. A small investment now, can plant a seed for infinite creativity and joy for years to come. Musicality opens up neuropathways in the growing brain, which increases the learning of language, and other social skills. Making learning fun is the best way to learn. Combine singing and dancing and crashing music, and your children will learn so much, with a smile on their faces. If you are worried about price, My Happy Helpers does have Afterpay available.

What are the different types of Musical Toys for one-year-olds?

Percussion toys are big for toddlers. Bashing and crashing around is so much fun. We have some classic calm wooden xylophones or an awesome Super Boy Rattle. We even have the wonderfully titled Pound and Tap Bench.

For a lighter touch, there is the Magic Touch Piano or the magical Rainmaker Rattle. If you’re looking for the whole band experience, with a little guitar, a drum, some maracas, and a microphone look no further than the Mini Band Set. Give your child that seed of musicality, of creativity, now, and watch them grow into the next maestro.