Folding Wooden Climber

Folding Wooden Climbers – safe and fun for your little ones!

Our wooden climbers have hardwood rungs that are designed for toddler hands and our larger climbers have a higher load bearing ability than our smaller climbing frames.

All of My Happy Helpers’ wooden climbing frames are based on the Montessori-principles of learning through movement and discovery, with the added benefit of having equipment made from natural materials.

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Wooden Climbers – safe and fun for your little ones!

Has your little one developed a fondness of climbing bars?

When kids become a little more independent during playtime and discover the joy of climbing on play equipment and interacting with beautifully designed pieces, there is no stopping them – or their playtime fun, for that matter!

With our wide range of varnished Piklers, your little ones are sure to find a favourite that they will love to engage and play with on their own or to share with siblings and friends.

Our full varnished range includes folding Pikler triangles, play cubes, slides, climbing ramps, bambino climbing frames, explore and store cubes, medio and fusion frames, tunnel cubes, ladders and open classic crawl cubes.

Each piece does not require sanding and can simply be wiped clean easily if spills or messes do occur. For extra peace of mind, our folding Piklers has side safety locks to keep your Pikler from folding closed during use.

What are your Climbing Frames Made from ?

Made from premium Birch Wood and finished in a non-toxic, matte clear varnish, our range of varnished Pikler frames look good and perform exceptionally well when it is time for little ones to enjoy indoor or outdoor play.

Available in beautiful designs that fit in with any colour scheme, our varnished Piklers offer various designs to suit children of various age groups and development. Big or small, there is a perfect fit to make any little one’s playtime dreams come true!

Buy our wooden climber Australia Wide - including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Tasmania, Darwin and Adelaide

Note to parents: We know that little ones who are starting the teething process could likely be prone to chewing their play equipment, which is why we would strongly recommend purchasing the UNVARNIHSED options of our indoor and outdoor climbers. Whilst our varnishes are tested to comply with safety standards, to our knowledge, the only material that is safe to be ingested by a teething baby is natural Flaxseed Oil which can be purchased at your health food store.

Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.