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Toddler Easter Gifts

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Easter Hunt Eggs


Mr. Honey Bunny


Rainbow Nests


Bowie Bunny


Rabbit Wooden Animal


Stack and Pour - Bath Egg


Jellies Bunny Teether

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Wooden Eggs in Carton


Ballerina Bunny - Pink


Pearl the Peace Keeping Pegasus

$16.95 $34.95

Bunny Chair

From $39.95

Samantha Super Rabbit


Maya Bunny Pink


Major Bunny


Paddie Rider Bunny


Walk And Ride Bunny Sorter


Bunnykins Milestone Cards


Bunnykins Spoon & Fork


Pink Bunny Wall Shelf

$9.95 $29.95
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Jumbo Wooden Eggs


Bunny Racing Car


DIY Wooden Eggs

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Bunny Rattle - Pink


Bunnykins 3pc Dinner Set


Easter Gifts for Kids

The Easter holidays bring up lots of fond childhood memories, so it's only natural for parents to want to have as much fun with their kids as possible during Easter. When looking for Easter gifts for kids, the general idea is to find something enjoyable and meaningful, something fun, and sustainable for the children to do. The ultimate goal is to create a fun and memorable Easter that your Child will remember fondly for years to come. Here are some ideas to look at when planning the Easter holidays this year.

Easter Bunny Themed Toys

Easter toys come in all shapes and sizes, typically featuring the Easter Bunny, like bunny ballerinas or Mr Bunny, rabbit-shaped wooden animals or bunny rattles for babies. Kids can bring the Easter Bunny story to life when playing with these toys. The Easter egg hunt winners can get these toys as gifts or special prizes to keep them motivated.

Easter Egg Toys

Another great idea for Easter gifts for toddlers is Easter eggs which they can decorate for themselves and search for in the Easter egg hunt. Parents can choose what to put inside the Easter eggs, and there are numerous no-sugar ideas to explore, like putting puzzle pieces inside the eggs, which can be put together at the end of the hunt or little coupons for extra hugs from mum and dad over Easter. Wooden Easter eggs last for years and can always be repainted or redecorated and kept as family treasures.

Easter Themed Furniture

Kids will love having special Easter chairs with bunny ears for the holiday season. Unique Easter-themed furniture makes excellent gifts for kids, which can be passed down to siblings as they outgrow them over the years. These pieces can also be given to egg hunt winners, and they easily become kids’ favourite playtime items.

Eco Friendly Easter Toys

When looking for Easter gift ideas for kids, parents can opt to go chocolate free and plastic-free. Easter toys made from sustainable wooden materials are more durable and easier to paint because they have a natural finish that children will enjoy instead of plastic Easter eggs. Parents can use such toys to educate their children about sustainability, particularly when they learn how to reuse the wooden Easter eggs year after year.

Refresh Easter Family Traditions

Parents can also find great Easter gift ideas for kids for indoor egg hunts. Families, big and small, can enjoy Easter holiday traditions with a creative twist, such as creating nature-themed scavenger hunts with markers made from toy carrots and bunnies or hiding fun activities inside the Easter eggs like cool dance moves or hopping like a bunny. Night time Easter egg hunts are also a great way to enjoy the holidays indoors. Simply paint some Easter eggs with luminous colours that glow in the dark, set up glow sticks as clues, and the whole family can enjoy an after-dark Easter adventure. There are plenty of Easter gift ideas for kids this year, so choose items that will be most memorable and last the longest for the entire family for many years to come.

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