Toddler Easter Toys & Gifts

Easter is such a fun time for families. A long weekend to spend with each other, and the all-important Easter Egg hunt. You can gift more than just chocolate to your kids. My Happy Helpers has Easter gifts for babies and Easter gifts for toddlers. You can gift them a cuddly, floppy-eared bunny, a stack and pour egg bath toy, or even a bowl and spoon from the famous Bunnykins range. Make Easter memorable for more than just the sugar rush. Encourage the exploring and discovery of eggs, but also have your children remember wonderful plush toys, fun puzzles to solve or rabbits to ride around on.

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Why buy Easter Toys for kids?

Easter toys for kids leave longer-lasting memories than a quick fix of chocolate in a shiny wrapper. Your children can have a keepsake from the day and the weekend, and a handy trolley to cart around the eggs, with a walk and ride bunny sorter, sit at the kids’ table on their own Bunny Chair, or cuddle their very own Ballerina Bunny.

You can make Easter about more than chocolate. It can be educational for your babies, with the chance to sample new sensations of touch with a half dozen wooden eggs or the joy of sound with egg-shaped shakers in a range of bright colours. The giving of eater toys to your toddlers can be the new tradition, one which will be remembered for generations.

How much do Easter Toys cost?

The prices for Easter Toys for your toddlers can be as low as $9.95, or can stretch higher. Remember you are buying quality, and you’re buying something for your children to play with for years to come, not just gobble up in moments. Your children will be playing with this awesome Bunny Racing Car for years to come. You can get crafty with some wooden eggs, and paint them up in Easter colours. Then they can become an artistic centrepiece for the kid’s room.

We have customers tell us they had Bunnykins plates and cutlery for years, almost a family heirloom. The money you pay for great stories like that is worth it.

What are the different types of Easter Toys?

We have so many Easter toys for your babies. How about a cuddle bunny, in blue or pink? You can help with carrying the eggs with a coco basket or a cane gardening basket. Once easter is done, these baskets can be used for picnics, hampers, and more. We have a wide range of egg toys as well. An egg and spoon race set, squeaky eggs to hide and seek, or some nesting eggs to learn about size, shapes, and colour.

Would you like to inspire your toddlers to be awesome? How does a Samantha Super Rabbit sound? Imagine the adventures your children could have, saving Easter and helping other kids find their Easter eggs? My Happy Helper has loads of joy for your toddlers and easter toys for your babies. Look around, find something you like, add to your cart and hop away with a treasure.