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Number Eggs and Stand

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The first introduction to numbers. Number eggs are so much fun!

Number eggs can be a great educational toy for young children, as they can help children learn to recognize and count numbers. Our Number eggs come in a set that includes one egg for each number from 1 to 10 and each egg has a number written on it.

Children can learn to count the objects and match them to the corresponding numbers on the eggs. Number eggs can also be used for other math activities, such as sorting, patterning, and simple addition and subtraction. In addition to their educational value, number eggs can also be fun for children to play with, as they can engage in imaginative play scenarios with the eggs and objects, offering so many opportunities for learning and playing with one toy.



Develop fine motor skills

Practice counting and naming numbers

Made from plantation timber, finished with child-safe non-toxic oils



Recommended Age: 18+ Months


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Customer Reviews

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Well made with many fun play opportunities

Gorgeous piece. Well-made. Just brought it out for my 14 month old. She loves banging the balls together, on things, rolling them around, picking them up and putting them where they fit in the tray, seeing what else they fit in (like her upside down bongo drums haha), imaginative play in her play kitchen… and of course when she gets bigger we can work on number recognition, number order.

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